Buddha Mindfulness As Threefold Learning 念佛即是三学

We must also recognize that
this discipline, concentration, and wisdom
are equivalent to the method of Buddha-remembrance.
How so?

Discipline means preventing wrongdoing.
If you can wholeheartedly practice Buddha-remembrance,
evil will not dare to enter
– this is discipline.

Concentration means eliminating the scattering [characteristic of ordinary mind].
If you wholeheartedly practice Buddha-remembrance,
mind does have any other object
– this is concentration.

Wisdom means clear perception.
If you contemplate the sound of the Buddha-name with each syllable distinct,
and also contemplate that the one who is mindful
and the one who is the object of this mindfulness are both unattainable
– this is wisdom.

Thus Buddha-remembrance is discipline, concentration, is and wisdom.
What need is there to follow texts literally when reading the scriptures?

Time passes quickly, life does not remain solid forever.
I hope all of you will make the work of Pure Land practice your urgent task.
Do not think that what I say is false and fail to heed it.

Master Lianchi, Zhuhong
(8th Patriarch of Pure Land Tradition)
莲池、袾宏大师  (莲宗八祖)

Please be mindful of your speech, Amituofo!

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