With Utmost Sincere Minds Study And Recite Sūtras 以至诚心读诵经

With Utmost Sincere Minds Study [And] Recite Sūtras


All Buddhist sūtras, and all books [that] expound [and] propagate [the] Buddha’s Dharma, [are] without [those that do] not enable people [to] approach [the] auspicious [and] avoid [the] inauspicious, [to] correct mistakes [and] change [to be] good, understand [the] causes [and] effects of [the] three periods, recognise [the] Buddha-nature originally possessed, [to] exit [the] suffering ocean of [the cycle of] births [and] deaths, [to be] born [in the] lotus country of Ultimate Bliss.


Those reading must give rise [to the] grateful mind, have [the] thought [that the sūtras are] difficult [to] encounter, [with] washed hands clean thus, managing [them with] reverence [and] maintaining sincerity, like facing [the] Buddhas [and] heavenly [gods], like approaching teachers [and] protectors, then [will there be] boundless benefits, [that] oneself can personally attain.


If presumptuous without fear, arbitrarily belittling, and stubbornly [with] limited views, recklessly giving rise [to] slander, [this is] then [with] transgressions surpassing [that] fill [the] sky, [and with] suffering’s retribution inexhaustible.


Respectfully advising [the] world’s people, [to] each approach [this with] clear reflection.

[By] Shì Yìnguāng sincerely said

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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