With More Hearing Of The Pure Land Teachings, More Giving Rise Of Joy, And More Right Practice, Is Definite Birth In The Western Pure Land 多闻净土,多生欢喜,多加正行,必定生西

[With] More Hearing [Of The] Pure Land [Teachings], More Giving Rise [Of] Joy, [And] More Right Practice, [Is] Definite Birth [In The] Western [Pure Land]

若不乐信行者,如《清净觉经》云 :「若有人闻说净土法门,闻如不闻,见如不见,当知此等,始从三恶道来,罪障未尽,为此无信向耳。佛言:『我说此人未可得解脱也。』」

If [there are] those [who do] not [have] joyful faith [and] practice, [they are] like [those the] Pure Awakening Sūtra says, ‘If [there] are people [who] hear what was spoken [on the] Pure Land Dharma Door, [with] hearing [it] like not hearing [it, with] seeing [it] like not seeing [it, it] should [be] known [that] this kind [of persons, have just] begun [to], from [the] three evil paths come, [with] transgressive obstacles yet [to be] exhausted, for this [teaching] without Faith’s direction. [The] Buddha says, “I say these persons [are] yet [to be] able [to] attain liberation.”‘


This sūtra also says, ‘If [there are] those persons [who] hear what was spoken [on the] Pure Land Dharma Door, [with] hearing [of it] immediately [with] sorrow [and] joy exchanging, [with] body hair for [this] standing, [it] should [be] known [that] these persons, [in the] past, [have] already previously cultivated this Dharma, now attaining repeated hearing [of it], immediately giving rise [to] joy, [with] right mindfulness cultivating practice, definitely attaining birth [in the Pure Land] too.’


Pure Land Tradition’s 2nd Patriarch Great Master Shàndǎo
(Commentary On The Contemplation Sūtra In Four Fascicles)

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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