How Should We Handle Recurring Nightmares?

Question: How should I handle recurring nightmares with frightening scenes, that seem to include ghostly beings?

Answer: [1] Before you go to sleep, prostrate to the Buddha thrice and make this firm resolution, ‘Should I dream, I will Niànfó (i.e. be mindful of Āmítuófó’s name) sincerely and immediately.’

[2] Then Niànfó mentally on the bed, until you fall asleep naturally. Do this night after night until you really do Niànfó in your dreams. (With more sincere Niànfó when wide awake in daily life too, there will be less disturbing dreams, with any dreams being auspicious in nature.)

[3] In the dream, whenever you encounter anyone, say this clearly and aloud, ‘Everyone! Please Niànfó with me as sincerely as you can, until you see Āmítuófó, to follow Āmítuófó, to his Pure Land, where there is no more suffering!’

[4] Follow-up with Niànfó in the dream with your (dream) eyes closed, to prevent distractions, until you wake up. (With sincere Niànfó, there will be instant protection, with no reason to have any fear.)

If the disturbing dream was made up by your disturbed mind, it will swiftly end. If it is a genuine message from someone, the above would have been your best response, by being a good example, to teach and show how to Niànfó sincerely, offering both guidance and merits directly. This is in effect the delivering of sentient beings with affinity to Pure Land.

Please be mindful of your speech, Amituofo!

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