[105] Those Sincerely Mindful Of The Buddha, Will Have Heavier Evil Karmas All Lighter Received 至心念佛者,重业皆轻受

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Dear Purelanders, as a newly minted Purelander, I nevertheless wish to share what happened on 12 November 2023. While going down a very long flight of stairs in an MRT (subway) station, I tripped.

As I fell, I knew it was not going to end well. Miraculously, ‘something’ arrested my fall for precious seconds, which allowed me to get my feet under me… BUT I missed a step again.

As I continued to fall, ‘something’ arrested my fall a second time. It was a double miracle, within a very short span of time. Time seemed to slow down, as I managed to grab the railing and came to a stop. I was unscathed but in a cold sweat.

If not for the rounds of Niànfó (念佛), of 2,000 recitations practised before leaving house, I think the outcome would have been very very different. (The evening before, I practised 7,000 recitations.)

As mindfulness of Buddha eliminates karmic obstacles (念佛消业障), I urge everyone to recite Āmítuófó’s (阿弥陀佛) wonderful name with utmost faith and sincerity in everyday life. May this lessen our negative karmic fruitions, and facilitate our smooth rebirths in his Pure Land (净土).

[Note 1: Once there is sincere mindfulness of Buddha (念佛) in everyday life, even when there are still some misfortunes that occur due to our past great evil karmas’ ripening, all such misfortunes will be mitigated, with otherwise heavier evil karmas lighter received (重业轻受), and with lighter karmas eliminated totally (轻业全消).]

[Note 2: With more or less regular mindfulness of Buddha practised in everyday life, there will be the mindful protection (护念) of all Buddhas (佛), many Bodhisattvas (菩萨) and Dharma-Protector Gods (护法神).

Such protection will be present even when we forget to, or are unable to be mindful of the Buddha in emergencies. Mindfulness of Buddha is thus useful for all, including the living, dying and deceased. It will be hard to imagine how our present and future lives will be without it.]

[Note 3: Commitment (and discipline) can be measured with a counter or prayer beads to note the number of recitations. It can also be measured with a phone, watch or other timer to countdown the duration of recitation. The latter is hands-free and thus easier, especially if practised in a single go. While the quality of recitation (i.e. with more sincerity) is more important than the quantity, it is usually with higher quantity in practice that higher quality arises.]

Please be mindful of your speech, Amituofo!

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