[82] The Parable Of Comparing Planting In The Field From The Sūtra Of A Hundred Parables《百喻经》之比种田喻

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[The] Sūtra [Of A] Hundred Parables

[82] Parable [Of] Comparing Planting [In The] Field


[In the] past, [there] was a savage man, [who] came [and] arrived in [a] field. Seeing good wheat sprouts growing lushly, [he] asked [the] wheat master, saying, ‘How [are you] able [to] cause this wheat [to grow so] lush [and] well?’


That master replied, saying, ‘[With] flattening managing this land, simultaneously adding excrement [and] water, [I] thus got [it to be] like this.’


That person immediately relied [on these] methods [to] use them, then with water [and] excrement harmoniously [mixed in] his field. [For] planting seeds in [the] land, fearing [that] his own legs stepping [on the] land [will] cause [the] land [to] harden, [with] that wheat not growing, [he thought], ‘I will sit [on] a bed above [and] order people [to] raise it, from [the] above scattering seeds, thereupon only [will this be] good.’


Even though [with] four persons, [with] each person lifting up one [bed] leg, arriving [at the] field [to] scatter [the] seeds, [with the] land hardening even more extremely, [he was] by people [that] sneered [at, for] fearing  [his] own two feet, then increasing [them to be] eight feet.


Of ordinary beings’ people, [they are] likewise thus. Thereupon cultivating precepts’ field, [with] goodness’ sprouts about [to] grow, [they] should [from] teachers inquire [and] receive practices’ instructions, [to] enable [the] Dharma’s sprouts [to] grow. Yet instead, violating [with] much doing [of] all evils, then causing precepts’ sprouts [to] not grow, [this is] analogous to that person fearing his two feet, invertedly adding those eight.

[Note: As we are all thoroughly unenlightened, lacking much wisdom thus, there should be seeking of the Right Dharma (正法) from proper teachers who are also proper practitioners (修行者), to follow the Buddha’s time-tested teachings, on the Threefold Learning (三学) of precepts (戒), concentration (定) and wisdom (慧), instead of speculating and ‘improvising’ with our own delusion, which might further our state of being unenlightened.]

Namo Amituofo : Translation and notes by Shen Shi’an

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