[10] Why Enable The Right Dharma To Long Abide? 云何令正法久住?

C10: Enable [The] Right Dharma [To] Long Abide

————————-┌ 丁一、痛念正法难遇
丙十、令正法久住 ┤

————————-└ 丁二、正明必须发心

[10] Enable [The] Right Dharma [To] Long Abide

D1: Painful Mindfulness [Of The] Right Dharma [Being] Difficult [To] Encounter


Why enable [the] Right Dharma [to] long abide? Speaking of our World-Honoured [One], for immeasurable kalpas since, for myself [and] others thus, [he] cultivated [the] Bodhi path, [with that] difficult [to] practise able [to be] practised, [that] difficult [to] endure able [to be] endured, [with the] cause perfect [and the] effect complete, thereupon leading [to] accomplishment [of] Buddhahood.


Since [having] accomplished Buddhahood already, [and with] manifestation’s conditions all completed, [with] entering of [Pari]nirvāṇa. [The] Right Dharma [and] Dharma Semblance [Ages have] all already ended completely. Only existing [is this] Dharma-Ending [Age, when there] are teachings [but] without [noble] persons. [With the] heterodox [and] orthodox not differentiated, right [and] wrong not distinguished, [with] competition [between] others [and] oneself, [to the] utmost chasing gain [and] fame, raising [your] eyes [to see this] torrential [flood, the] heavens below [is] all [like] this.


Not knowing [the] Buddha is which person, [the] Dharma [has] what meaning, [the] Saṃgha is whose name, declining [to be] destroyed to this [extent, I] nearly cannot bear [to] speak [about it]. Every [time], once when contemplating [this, I] cannot help [having my] tears fall.

D2: Right Explanation [That There] Must [Be] Giving Rise [Of The Bodhi] Mind


I, as [the] Buddha’s disciple, [am] not able [to] repay [his] kindness. Internally, without benefit of myself. Externally, without benefit of people. When alive, without benefit of [those in this] time. [When] dead, without benefit of [those] after.


[The] sky although high, [is] not able [to] cover me. [The] earth although thick, [is] not able [to] carry me. [This] extremely heavily transgressive person, [if] not me, then who [can it be]?


Due to this, [with] pain unbearable, [of] methods, [it is] without that appearing, [than to] suddenly forget [my] shallowness, [to] immediately give rise [to the] great [Bodhi] Mind. Although not able [to] redeem [the Dharma]-Ending [Age’s] fortune in this time, [I am] determined [to] undertake plans [to] protect [and] uphold [the] Right Dharma [for the] future.


Therefore, together with all good friends, together reaching [this] place [for realising the] path, for stating repentance, establishing this Dharma assembly. Giving rise [to] forty-eight of great vows, [with] vow [after] vow [for] delivering [sentient] beings. Hoping [to be with] profound resolution [for a] hundred thousand kalpas, [with] thought [after] thought [for] becoming Buddhas. From today, [to the] end [of] future’s limit, [at the] end [of] this one form [i.e. body], vowing [to] ‘return’ [to the Land Of] Peaceful Nurturing] [i.e. Āmítuófó’s Pure Land].


Even if [having] ascended [the] nine grades, returning [to] enter [this] Sahā [World], so that [the] sun[like] Buddha [can] again [be] glorious, Dharma doors again [be] explained, [and the] Saṃgha’s ocean [again be] pure [and] clear in this world, [with] people of [the] Eastern direction transformed.


[May] disasters’ misfortunes, because [of] this [be] postponed even further, [with the] Right Dharma able to long abide. These then, [are my] insignificant [but] true [and] painstaking efforts.


[This] is for giving rise [to the] Bodhi Mind, [the] tenth cause [and] condition.

Pure Land Tradition’s 11th Patriarch Great Master Xǐng’ān
Essay [On] Exhortation [To] Give Rise [To The] Bodhi Mind

Namo Amituofo : Translation and notes by Shen Shi’an

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Essay On Exhortation To Give Rise To The Bodhi Mind

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