Guāndì’s Protection Of The Buddha’s Teachings 关帝护教

🙏 南无护法伽蓝圣众菩萨 🙏

Today, the 13th day of the 5th lunar month is the sacred birthday of Samghārama Bodhisattva.
🙏 Homage To The Dharma-Protecting Samghārama And His Noble Assembly’s Bodhisattvas 🙏

Guāndì’s Protection [Of The Buddha’s] Teachings


Guāndì [i.e. Guānyǔ (关羽) or Guāngōng (关公)], [when living] in [the] world, [was] then [with] extreme loyalty [that can] thread together [the] sun [and] moon, [with] noble spirit filling [the] heavens [and] earth, [with] wealth [and] honour not able [to] corrupt [him, with] poverty [and] lowliness not able [to] move [him, and with] powerful might not able [to] bend [him].


After death, [his] vigorous consciousness [was at] Jade Spring Mountain. [During] Suí [Dynasty’s] Emperor Wén’s time, [when] Great Master Zhìzhě arrived [at] Jade Spring Mountain, Guāndì specially moved [with his] supernormal power, [to] establish [and] build [a] monastery, also seeking [to be] conferred [with the] precepts, with Bodhi as [their] root, vowing [to] support [and] protect [the] Buddha’s teachings.


(See Guāndì’s Complete Works and Jade Spring Mountain’s Record.)


Thus, [the] world’s monasteries [are] all called [to] be [with] Samghārama Bodhisattva, and with Skanda Bodhisattva, both defending [their] mountain gates.

Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng
(Speaking [Of] Universal Encouragement [To] Abstain [From] Killing [And To] Eat [As] Veg[etari]ans [To] Redeem [From] Disasters’ Misfortunes)

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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