[11] At Life’s End With Good And Evil Responding With Reward And Retribution Of That Good And Bad 命终善恶感报优劣

[11] [At] Life’s End [With] Good [And] Evil Responding [With] Reward [And Retribution Of That] Good [And] Bad


[In the] ‘Sūtra [On] Guarding [And] Protection [Of The] Country’s Boundary’s Ruler’, [the] Buddha said, [1] ‘If, when [a] person [is at] life’s end, [i] in advance knows [the] time [of] reaching [Pure Land, [ii] with] Right Mindfulness distinct [and] clear, [iii] first bathing [and] wearing [clean] clothes, [iv] [with] auspiciousness then departing, [v] [with] bright light illuminating [the] body, [vi] seeing [the] Buddha’s forms’ excellences, [with] all virtues completely appearing, [it] can] definitely [be] known [that] this person [will] definitely [be] reborn [in the] Pure Land.


[2] If [a] person [is with] mindfulness [of] Buddha [and] upholding [of] precepts, without [the] diligent mind, [at] life’s end also without good forms, also without evil forms, [by the] hells not accepted, [and the Land Of] Nurturing Peace not gathered, like sleeping [then] departing, this person [with] doubt yet [to be] severed, [will be] born [in] doubt’s city, [for] five hundred years receiving joy, again cultivating Faith [and] Aspiration, then “returning” [to the] Pure Land.


[3] If [a] person gives rise [to the] sympathetic mind, [with] Right Mindfulness manifesting [in the] present, of wealth [and] treasures, wife [and] children, [with the] mind without love [and] attachment, [with the] eyes [and] form pure, looking upwards [with the] face smiling, thinking [that a] heavenly palace will come [to] welcome me, [with the] ears hearing heavenly music, [and] eyes seeing heavenly children, [when] renouncing [the] retribution body, [this person will] definitely [be] born [in the] heavenly realm.


[4] If [a] person gives rise [to the] gentle [and] soft mind, giving rise [to] blessed virtues’ mind, [with the] body without sickness’ difficulties, recollecting thoughts [of] father [and] mother, wife [and] children, of good [and] of evil, [with the] mind not [in] disorder, [with] that mind upright, willing [the] family’s wealth, saying farewell then departing, [this person will] definitely [be] born [in the] human realm.

若人于己眷属恶眼瞻视,举手扪空,便利不觉,身常臭秽,两目红赤,仆面而卧,蜷身左胁,百节酸疼,或见恶相,口不能言,呻吟叫唤,冤债现 前,心识散乱,狂惑颠倒,遍体如冰,手捻死拳,身硬如石,此人命终,定入地狱。

[5] If [a] person [is] with [one’s] own family members [with] evil eyes looking at [them], raising hands [to] lay [them in the] air, easily unconscious, [with] body constantly smelly [and] dirty, [with the] two eyes red, prone [on the] face then lying [down], curling [the] body [to the] left side, [with a] hundred joints sore [and] painful, perhaps seeing evil forms, [with the] mouth not able [to] speak, groaning [and] crying out, [with] grievous [karmic] creditors manifesting [in the] present, [with the] mind’s consciousness scattered [and] confused, insane [and] confused [with] invertedness, all over [the] body like ice, [with the] hands twisted, [when] dead [with] fists, [with the] body hard like rock, this person [at] life’s end, [will] definitely enter [the] hells.


[6] If [a] person [is] fond [of] licking their lips, [with] body hot like fire, constantly suffering [from] hunger [and] thirst, fond [of] speaking [about] drinks [and] food, opening [the] mouth [and] not closing [it, with] greedy attachment [to] wealth [and] treasures, [with] life [when] dying difficult [to] sever, [and with] open eyes then departing, this person [has] definitely entered [the] hungry ghost [realm].


[7] If [a] person’s body [is] infected [with a] serious sickness, like in [a] cloud [and] fog, [with the] mind’s consciousness confused [and] scattered, afraid [of] hearing [the] Buddha’s name, [with] much love [for] eating [and] tasting flavours [of] blood [and] meat, not accepting encouragement [for] transformation, [with] love [and] attachment [of] wife [and] children, [with] curling [of the] body, hands, legs [and] fingers, all over [the] body sweating, producing rough sounds, [with the] mouth within chewing foam, [with] these forms manifesting [in the] present, [this person will] definitely entered [the] animal [realm].’

Lúshān’s Lotus Tradition’s Treasure Mirror: Eighth Scroll [On] Right Tips [On] Mindfulness [Of] Buddha [For] Rebirth
[By] Great Master Yōután Pǔdù Compiled

Namo Amituofo : Translation and notes by Shen Shi’an

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