Differentiate Between The Speech Of Buddhas And Demons 分辨佛魔之说 Verses On Ordinary And Noble Beings 凡圣偈

The ’Verses On Ordinary And Noble Beings‘ below explain this sūtra passage.)


我灭度后,敕诸菩萨,及阿罗汉,应身生彼末法之中,作种种形,度诸轮转。或作沙门、白衣居士、人王宰官、童男童女。如是乃至淫女寡妇、奸偷屠贩,与其同事,称赞佛乘,令其身心入三摩地。终不自言:『我真菩萨、真阿罗汉』,泄佛密因,轻言未学。唯除命终,阴有遗付。云何是人,惑乱众生,成大妄语?… 如我所说,名为佛说。不如此说,即波旬说。


Differentiate Between [The] Speech Of Buddhas [And] Demons

After my Parinirvāṇa, I order all Bodhisattvas [and] Arhats, [to] manifest bodies [to be] born within that Dharma-Ending Age, [to] become all kinds [of] forms, [to] deliver all [from] rebirth. Perhaps becoming Śramaṇas, white-robed laypersons, kings, officials, young males [and] young females. As such, and even [as] licentious women, widows, adulterers, thieves, butchers [and] peddlers, with them together working, praising [the] Buddha Vehicle, [to] enable their bodies [and] minds [to] enter Samādhi. [To the] end, not self-saying, “I am [a] true Bodhisattva, [a] true Arhat”, [to] divulge [the] Buddha’s secret cause, [to] lightly speak [so to those] yet [to] learn. Only except [at] life’s end, secretly having [that] left [for] entrusting. Why [would] these persons, confuse sentient beings, [by] accomplishing great false speech?… Such [that] I [have] spoken, [is] named as Buddhas’ speech. Not such [as] spoken, is Pāpīyāms’ speech.’

Śākyamuni Buddha
([The] Great Buddha’s Crown’s Śūraṅgama Sūtra’s Sixth Scroll: Section [On] Four Kinds [Of] Clear [And] Definitive Instructions [On] Purity: Fourth Heavy Precept)

Verses [On] Ordinary [And] Noble [Beings]


In [the] Śūraṅgama Sūtra, [the] Buddha ordered noble beings, Bodhisattvas [and] Arhats [to], within this Dharma-Ending [Age], manifest as monastics [and] laypersons, [to] become all kinds [of] forms, with them together working, not truly breaking [any] precepts.


Delivering all [from] rebirth, praising [the] Buddha Vehicle, [to the] end not self-saying, [they] are true noble beings, with this, [it] should [be] known, [that those who] say [so are] then ordinary beings, not true noble beings, [and] are those breaking [this Fourth Heavy] Precept (第四重戒).


[If] divulging [the] Buddha’s secret cause, confusing sentient beings, [this] encourages ordinary beings [to], with ordinary [beings] indiscriminated [as] noble [beings], accomplish great false speech, then [as] Pāpīyāms’ speech, only excepted [are those at] life’s end, secretly having [that] left [for] entrusting.


[If] saying [so], immediately [with life] ending, [if] not ending, immediately [being] demonic, those [with] true skilful means, [in] normal times [will] not say [so, with] those saying [so] not [as] noble [beings, and] noble beings not saying [so, those] not guarding this precept, [are] not [the] Buddha’s true disciples.

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