[3] Third Pure Land Teachings’ General Essential: The Sūtra Also Says…净土总要三:经又云…

[3] Third Pure Land [Teachings’] General Essential

[(The) Sūtra Also Says…]


[The] sūtra also says, ‘Immeasurable innumerable kalpas ago, [there] was King [Of] World [With] Ease Buddha arising, [who] transformed [and] delivered sentient beings. [At] this time, [there] was [a] great country’s King, [who] went [to] hear [him] speak [the] Dharma. Thereupon, having awakening, then renouncing [his] position as [the] country’s King, then going [forth to] cultivate practice. [He was] named [as] Dharma Treasury Bhikṣu, [who] then [became] Amitā[bha] Buddha too. To King [Of] World [With] Ease Buddha, [the Bhikṣu] gave rise [to] forty-eight great vows, [with] each [and] every vow, all for aiding [and] delivering sentient beings. [Having] given rise [to] these vows already, then [with] diligence for liberating [from] birth [and] death, next entering Bodhisattvas’ grounds.’


Those liberated [from] birth [and] death, [are] then [with] birth [and] death [with] ease too. Those entering Bodhisattvas’ grounds, within then cultivate wisdom, [and] without then cultivate blessings.


Those cultivating wisdom, [can] cause [their] wisdom nature [to be in one] day, vaster than one day [before]. Until when [they] accomplish Buddhahood, then [with their] wisdom nature encompassing empty space’s worlds, without that not known, [and] without that not seen too.


Those cultivating blessings, then rely [on] birth in [worlds with] all sentient beings within, [with] their bodies [the] same [as theirs], knowing well [their] languages, with [them] establishing teaching [and] transforming.


Thus, from heavenly emperors above, down to very small worms [and] ants, all [can] rely [on] birth within it [i.e. the Land Of Ultimate Bliss]. Like this, [for] immeasurable innumerable kalpas since, establishing [and] transforming sentient beings.


Those [who] establish [and] transform sentient beings, [are] without [those] not attaining blessings too. Attaining blessings yet not receiving use [of them immediately], thus [are] their blessings, [with] more accumulating, then [becoming] more great, long [after], then pervading in empty space’s worlds.


[With] blessings great, then [with] majestic supernormal [powers] great, for example, like [the] world’s people, [with] official [posts] great, then [with] power great. Therefore, [with these] majestic supernormal [powers], without that not possible, then attaining accomplishment [of] that aspired, and entering [of] Buddhahood’s position.


[This] is from first giving rise [to] vows, with [this] until accomplishing [as] Buddhas, without that not for sentient beings. Thus, people [with the] sincere mind [and] Faith’s direction, mindful [of] his name, [will in this] present life, definitely receive blessings [and] protection, [and will] after death, definitely [be] directly born [in the] Land [Of] Ultimate Bliss.


If able [to have] meticulous contemplation [of] his appearance, [in this] present life definitely seeing [the] true body of [the] Buddha. With [the] Buddha’s majestic spirit without where not present, then [when a] person’s mind’s mindfulness with [the] Buddha [is] proficient, then naturally [with] mutual connection, thus [will the] Buddha appear [with] his form. [For] details, see [the] Fifth Scroll.


Sòng [Dynasty’s] Wáng Rìxiū
Lóngshū’s Pure Land Text:
Second Scroll: Seven Essays [On] Pure Land [Teachings’] General Essentials

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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[2] Second Scroll: Seven Essays On The Pure Land Teachings’ General Essentials

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