[9] Ninth Universal Encouragement Of Practice: All Who Received The Instructions Of Teachers And Friends… 普劝修持九:凡受师友之训诲…

[9] Ninth Universal Encouragement [Of] Practice

[All (Who) Received (The) Instructions Of Teachers (And) Friends…]


All [who] received [the] instructions of teachers [and] friends, [with their] kind giving of support, [and] friendliness of polite reception, [for] all, with [the] Pure Land [practice], tell [them], then as repayment.


Down to, with all people, perhaps having [their] kindness of [offering] one meal, [or] one [cup of] tea, perhaps [with the] receiving of one word, [or] one seat, down until [to] servants, [who] had attending of my labours, [with] all aspects [that] we received benefits from, [for] all those [who] devoted utmost efforts, all with this [Pure Land practice] tell them, [to] cause [them to be] liberated from [the] suffering ocean.


Not only [for] these [people, for] all known and not known, familiar and not familiar, [for] all, desire [to], with this transform them, [to] cause [them to be] together born [in] Pure Land.


Also, [this should] not only [be for] these [people]. When Śākyamuni Buddha [was] in [this] world, there [was] a king [who was] difficult [to] transform. [The] Buddha said, ‘With Maudgalyāyana, [he] has affinity.’ [He then] dispatched [him to] go [to] transform him. His land’s people all complied [to be] transformed [too].


People asked [the] Buddha, ‘With Maudgalyāyana, [they] have what cause [and] condition?’


[The] Buddha said, ‘[In a] past life, Maudgalyāyana [was] once as [a] woodcutter, [who] in [the] mountains startled a group [of] bees. Maudgalyāyana then gave rise [to these] good words, saying, ‘After I attain [the] path, [I will] completely deliver these bees.’ Now, this one city’s people, [are] then that time’s bees too. [As] Maudgalyāyana gave rise [to] these good words, thus is [he with them], having affinity.’


From this contemplating it, not only for all people should [there be] encouragement [to] cultivate Pure Land [practice. For] all flying birds [and] walking beasts, down until [to all] kinds of flitting, flying [and] wriggling [beings], all those having forms [who] can [be] seen, we, because of seeing them, all should for [them] recite ‘Āmítuófó’ several times. Give rise [to the] good vow, saying, ‘May you [and] others [be] all born [in the] Land [Of] Ultimate Bliss, [and] after I attain [the] path, [I will] completely deliver you [and] others.’


Not only for those having forms [which] can [be] seen like this, [for] those whose forms cannot [be] seen, we likewise should have this thought, [and] make this statement. Like this, then [when] our good thoughts [are] extremely ripe, with all sentient beings, all with [them] having affinity, our High Grade’s High Births [are] certain. When [in] other times transforming [and] delivering, without those not joyfully complying too.


Sòng [Dynasty’s] Wáng Rìxiū
Lóngshū’s Pure Land Text:
Third Scroll: Nine Essays [On] Universal Encouragement [Of] Practice

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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