[1] The First Principle: With Harmonious Human Relationships, To The Utmost Fulfil Responsibilities, With The Mind And The Path Together 第一条原则:敦伦尽分,心与道合

Twelve Principles [That] Need Paying Attention [To] During Spiritual Cultivation

[1] [The] First Principle: [With] Harmonious Human Relationships, [To The] Utmost Fulfil Responsibilities, [With The] Mind And [The] Path Together


Of persons [with] mindfulness [of the] Buddha, [they] must [have] filial support [of their] Fathers [and] Mothers, attend [to their] teachers [and] seniors, ([who] are teachers [who] teach me and persons [who] have morality), [have the] mind [of] loving-kindness [to] not kill ([who] should eat [as] lifelong veg[etari]ans, or eat [as] flower[ing] veg[etari]ans [on the Six or Ten Purification Days], even if yet [to] sever [from] meat, [they] must not personally kill), cultivate [the] Ten Good Karmas ([which] are [to have the] body not doing matters of killing lives, stealing [and] sexual misconduct, [the] mouth not speaking words of false speech, frivolous speech, double-tongue[d speech [and] harsh speech, [and the] mind not giving rise [to] thoughts of greedy desires, anger [and] ignorance).

[Note: The Six Purification Days (六斋日) are every lunar month’s 8th, 14th, 15th, 23rd, 29th and 30th day (or 28th day for minor months [小月] without the 30th day). The Ten Purification Days (十斋日) are every lunar month’s 1st, 8th, 14th, 15th, 18th, 23rd, 24th, 28th, 29th and 30th day. On these ‘days’, for one day and night (一日一夜), there are practices of eating as veg(etari)ans (吃素), also observing the Eight Precepts (八戒) of abstaining from (1) killing lives (不杀生), (2) stealing (不偷盗), (3) sexual conduct (不淫), (4) false speech (不妄语), (5) drinking alcohol (i.e. consuming intoxicants) (不饮酒), (6) wearing perfumes, flowers and garlands, applying fragrant oils on the body (不着香花鬘,不香油涂身), (7) siting (and lying) on high, broad and big (chairs and) beds (不坐高广大床), singing, dancing, having entertainment, going to see or hear such (不歌舞倡伎,不往观听), and (8) untimely eating (不非时食).]


Also needed [are] Fathers [and Mothers with] loving-kindness, [and] children [with] filial piety, elder brothers [with] friendly affection [and] younger brothers [with] respect, husbands [with] harmony [and] wives [with] compliance, masters [with] benevolence [and] servants [with] loyalty, respectfully [to the] utmost [fulfilling] one’s responsibilities.


Not regarding [how] others [are] towards me, [to the] utmost [fulfilling their] responsibilities or not, I nevertheless [will to the] utmost [fulfil] my responsibilities. [Those] able [to], with family and society, [to the] utmost [with] friendship, [to the] utmost [fulfil their] responsibilities, are named [as] good persons.  


Good persons [who are] mindful [of the] Buddha [to] seek birth [in his] Western [Pure Land], [will] definitely, [when] approaching [life’s] end, immediately attain rebirth [there]. With their minds and [the] Buddha together, thus connecting [to the] Buddha, [with] loving-kindness receiving [and] guiding [them].


If although constantly mindful [of the] Buddha, [but with] minds not relying [on the] path [of practice], perhaps with Fathers, Mothers, brothers, sisters, wives, [husbands], sons, daughters, friends [and] fellow villagers, not able [to] fulfil [their] responsibilities, thus [with their] minds and [the] Buddha contrary [to each other, it is] then difficult [to be] reborn [there]. With one’s mind giving rise [to] obstacles, [the] Buddha [is] also not able [to] approach [with] loving-kindness [to] receive [and] guide [them].

Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng

(One Letter [As A] Common Reply)

Namo Amituofo : Translation and note by Shen Shi’an

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