[17] Seventeenth Chapter On Treasure Nets’ Sounds And Fragrances (Of Immeasurable Life Sūtra)《无量寿经》宝网音香第十七

Seventeenth [Chapter On] Treasure Nets’ Sounds [And] Fragrances


Precious [and] wonderful treasure nets cover them above. All adornments, accordingly responding then appear. Gentle breezes gently move, blowing [through] all [the] treasure trees, change [to] emit immeasurable wonderful Dharma sounds. Their sounds spread, [to] pervade all Buddha lands. Those [who] hear these sounds, attain profound Dharma Forbearances, [to] abide [in] non-retrogression, until accomplishment [of the] Buddha path, [with their] ear roots pure [and] clear, not encountering suffering from misfortune. [With] eyes seeing its colours, noses knowing its fragrances, mouths tasting its flavours, bodies touching its lights, [and] minds with [the] Dharma’s conditions, all attain [the] extremely profound Dharma Forbearances, [to] abide [in] non-retrogression, until accomplishment [of the] Buddha path, [with their] six roots pure [and] clear, without all afflictions [and] difficulties.


Ānanda, if that land’s heavenly [and] human [beings], see this tree, they [will] attain [the] Three Dharma Forbearances. First [is] Sound [And] Echo Forbearance, second [is] Gentle Compliance Forbearance, third [is] Non-Arising [Of] Dharmas’ Forbearance. These [are] all [from] Immeasurable Life Buddha’s majestic supernormal powers thus, [from] his fundamental vows’ power thus, fulfilment [of his] vows thus, clear understanding [of his] vows thus, firmness [of his] vows thus, [and] ultimacy [of his] vows thus.’


[The] Buddha told Ānanda, ‘[The] world’s emperors have [a] hundred thousand [kinds of] music, from Wheel-Turning Noble Kings, and even to [the] Sixth Heaven above, [their] musical sounds, passing through many [heavens, are] superior [to] one another [by a] thousand koṭis [of] ten thousand times. [The] Sixth Heaven above [has] ten thousand kinds [of] musical notes, [that are] not equal [to] Immeasurable Life [Buddha’s] Land’s all seven treasures’ trees’ one kind [of] sound, [by a] thousand koṭis [of] times. Likewise naturally having ten thousand kinds [of] music. Moreover, their musical sounds [are] without [those which are] not [the] Dharma’s sounds. Pure [and] smooth, moving [and] clear, refined [and] wonderful, harmonious [and] elegant, of [the] ten directions’ worlds’ sounds within, [they are] as [the] most foremost.

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