How Can Those With Mindfulness Of Buddha Yet To Be Long Be Born In The Western Pure Land? 念佛未久者如何生西?

How [Can] Those [With] Mindfulness [Of] Buddha Yet [To Be] Long [Be] Born [In The] West[ern Pure Land]?


[With] mindfulness [of] Buddha yet [to be] long [for your small child], how [to be] with [this], then attaining rebirth [in Pure Land? It] must [be] known [that] rebirth [in the] West[ern Pure Land], entirely relies [on the] Buddha’s power. If having true Faith [and] sincere Aspiration, [with] ten thoughts, [this is] still able [to be] reborn [there]…


[The] Buddha’s mindfulness of sentient beings, [is] more than sentient beings’ mindfulness of [the] Buddha.


[Of] all people approaching [the] end [of life], if complete [with] sincerity of Faith [and] Aspiration, [to be] mindful [of the] Buddha, [to] seek birth [in his Pure Land], also attaining [the] power of family members’ admonishment, encouragement [and] support-chanting, at that moment of [the] Buddha, just [when] approaching [to] kindly receive [and] guide, if without stubborn [and] ignorant family members’ sabotage, [they] definitely can rely [on the] Buddha’s power [of] loving-kindness, [to] carry [their negative] karma [to be] reborn [in his Pure Land], certainly not needing [to] discuss [about the] lengthiness [and] shortness of practice…


[With] ten thoughts still born, moreover [with your child’s practice for] more [than a] year? Moreover, [with] family members [and the] monastic community helping one another? [This is] like [a] person [who has] fallen [into the] ocean, suddenly meeting [a] rescue ship. Having those helping one another, then boarding [the] ship.

[By] Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng commented, [and] Shěn Shòurén recorded
(Resolution [Of] Doubts [Of] Shěn Héshēng’s Birth [In The] West[ern Pure Land])

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Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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