Verses On The Greatest Power 大力偈

Verses On The Greatest Power

[1] 若有创世神,具全能爱知,为何此世间,具无量苦难?

[1] If there is a deity who created this world, complete with omnipotence, omnibenevolence and omniscience, why is this world, complete with immeasurable suffering?

[2] 若无所不能,为何不拔苦?除非无全能,所以如此苦。

[2] If without that not able to be done, why not remove the suffering? Unless without omnipotence, therefore with this suffering.

[3] 若无所不爱,为何不拔苦?除非无全爱,所以如此苦。

[3] If without those not loved, why not remove their suffering? Unless without omnibenevolence, therefore with this suffering.

[4] 若无所不知,为何不拔苦?除非无全知,所以如此苦。

[4] If without that not known, why not remove such suffering? Unless without omniscience, therefore with this suffering.
[5] 既有无量苦,世间无此神。唯有无量佛,具全爱与知。

[5] Since having immeasurable suffering, the world is without this deity. Only having immeasurable Buddhas, complete with omnibenevolence and omniscience.

[6] 全爱大慈悲,全知大智慧,全具大神通,具最大能力。

[6] Omnibenevolent with the greatest loving-kindness and compassion, omniscient with the greatest wisdom, and all complete with the greatest supernormal powers, complete with the greatest abilities possible.

[7] 有阿弥陀佛,表诸佛大力,创立极乐国,劝信愿念佛。

[8] There is Āmítuófó (i.e. Amitā[bha] Buddha), who expresses all Buddhas’ great powers, who created the Pure Land Of Ultimate Bliss, encouraging all to, with Faith and Aspiration, be mindful of the Buddha’s name.

[8] 自力感他力,得佛大加持,今生与来世,离苦而得乐。

[9] With Self-power connecting to Other-power, attaining the Buddha’s great empowerment, in the present life and the future life, depart from suffering and attain bliss.

[9] 佛非创世神,唯创净国土。秽土共业感,吾苦皆自召。

The Buddhas are not deities who created this world, only creating Pure Lands. This defiled land is with our collective karma connected, and my suffering is all self-attracted.

[10] 佛虽无全能,不能无缘拔,世间一切苦,大力待感召。

[10] The Buddhas, although are without omnipotence, not able to, without cause and conditions, remove all the world’s suffering instantly, their great powers await us to be called upon.

[11] 佛为表全爱,创净土劝生。佛为表全知,已圆满佛国。

[11] The Buddhas for expressing omnibenevolence, created Pure Lands and encourage birth in them. The Buddhas for expressing omniscience, already perfected their Buddha Lands.

[12] 劝君速皈依,弥陀大慈父。极乐世界国,即为您和我。

[12] Encouraging you to quickly take refuge, in Āmítuófó, our spiritual ‘Father’ with great loving-kindness. His Pure Land Of Ultimate Bliss, is precisely for you and me.

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