Greatness Of The Pure Land Dharma Door 净土法门之大 [14] This Mind Becomes Buddha, This Mind Is Buddha 是心作佛,是心是佛


Great [is it, to] be [with the] teaching of [the] Pure Land Dharma Door!


[As with it], ‘this mind becomes Buddha, [and] this mind is Buddha’, those [practising Chán (禅) to] ‘directly point [at the] human mind’, should yield [to its] outstanding [nature].


[With] ten thoughts [to] one thought [of Buddha with profound Faith and sincere Aspiration], immediately ascending [to] non-retrogression [in Pure Land for Buddhahood], those passing kalpas [to] cultivate [for] realisation, should look up [to] its lofty character.


[It] universally covers [those of] high, middle [and] low roots, unifying [and] gathering [those of the] Precepts [i.e. Vinaya], Scriptural [and] Chán traditions. Like timely rain’s moisturising of [all] things, like [the] great ocean’s receiving [of] rivers.


[Of the] partial [and] complete, sudden [and] gradual, [of] all [their] Dharma [teachings], none [do] not from this Dharma realm flow. [Of the] great [and] small, skilful [and] true, [of] all [their] practices, none [do] not return [to] this Dharma realm.


[With] not [yet] severing confusions [and negative] karma, in advance attaining [the] Position [Of One Life To] Replacement [of Buddhas]. Immediately [in] this one life, realising great Bodhi [of Buddhahood].


[The] nine realms’ sentient beings, [if] departing [from] this Dharma [Door, are] above not able [to] completely accomplish [the] Buddha path. [The] ten directions’ all Buddhas, [if] abandoning this Dharma [Door, are] not able [to] universally benefit all sentient beings.


Thus, [the] Flower Adornment [Sūtra’s《华严经》] ocean[-wide] assembly, completely follow [the] Ten Great Vows’ King [with dedication for one and all to reach Pure Land].


[In the Wonderful] Dharma [Lotus] Flower [Sūtra《妙法莲华经》, it is taught that with] one recitation [of ‘Námó Fó’ (南无佛): ‘Homage to and refuge in the Buddha’], all [will] realise all dharmas’ true forms.


[As it is] like this [with] great power [and] function, all Buddhas together propagate [it]. Like this, [to the] utmost exerting, all Patriarchs [also] all [do] thus.


[It] truly can [be] said [to be] ultimate speaking of [the Buddha’s] one [entire] lifetime’s teachings, [the] unsurpassable great teaching of [the] One Vehicle [to Buddhahood].


[If] not [having] planted virtuous roots, [even if] passing kalpas, [it is] difficult [to] encounter. [With good] fortune [having] attained hearing [of it and] permeating [with it], make efforts [to] cultivate practice.


Fearing those ignorant [and] mad persons, calling [it] to be shallow [and] simple, thus [with] this, relying [on the] teaching, praising [and] narrating [it, to] enable them [to] practise [it].


Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng
(Combined Preface’s Pure Land Questions [And] Answers)

Namo Amituofo : Translation and extended notes by Shen Shi’an

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