‘The Pure Land Tradition’s Five Sūtras’ Republication’s Preface《净土五经》重刊序

‘[The] Pure Land [Tradition’s] Five Sūtras’ Republication’s Preface

[(The) Foremost Dharma Door]


[Of the] Pure Land Dharma Door, its greatness [is] without [that] beyond. [With the] three roots universally covering, [with those of] sharp [and] dull [roots] completely gathering.


[The] nine realms’ sentient beings, [if] abandoning this, [are] then without [that] for completely accomplishing [the] Buddha path above. [The] ten directions’ all Buddhas, [if] departing [from] this, [are] then without [that] for universally delivering sentient beings below.


[Of] all Dharma Doors, [there are] none not from this Dharma realm flowing. [Of] all Practice Doors, [there are] none not returning [to] this Dharma realm.

[Universal Virtue (Bodhisattva’s) Practices (And) Vows’ Chapter]


If discussing [about what] those [with] great capacities understand, to start, [it is] truly at [the] Flower Adornment [Sūtra]. With [the youth] Good Wealth’s travelling [to learn [from good-]knowing friends, [he is] in the end at Universal Virtue [Bodhisattva’s] seat below, [to] receive his majestic supernormal [powers’] blessings [and] protection, [with] that realised with Universal Virtue [Bodhisattva] equal, [and] with all Buddhas equal, [to] be as [an] Equally Awakened Bodhisattva.


Universal Virtue [Bodhisattva] thus with [the] Ten Great Vows’ King, encouraged advancement [of] Good Wealth, and with [the] Flower Adornment [Sūtra’s] ocean[-wide] assembly’s forty-one positions’ Dharma Body’s Great Beings, dedicated [for] rebirth [in the] Western [Pure] Land [Of] Ultimate Bliss, in order to perfect [the] Buddha fruit, then with [the] Flower Adornment’s one sūtra [as the] Dharma to return [to the] source, [and to] form [its] peak.


Then, [the] Flower Adornment [Sūtra’s] clear Dharma of one lifetime’s accomplishment [of] Buddhahood, [is] then [to] return [to the] source, to seek birth [in] Pure Land. [From this] is [it] known [that with the] Pure Land’s one Dharma [Door], thus [is how the] ten directions’ all Buddhas, accomplish [the] Buddha path above, [and] transform sentient beings below, [with it] becoming [the] beginning [and] becoming [the] end of [the] unsurpassable great Dharma.


This [is what] only those [of] great capacities understand, [that those of the] Two Vehicles not yet see [and] hear, moreover completely bound ordinary beings.

[(The) Pure Land (Tradition’s) Three Sūtras]


Until reaching right [and] equal assemblies within, [there was] special focus [on] speaking ‘[The] Pure Land [Tradition’s] Three Sūtras’, so that all ordinary or noble [beings, can] together practise [and] cultivate upholding [of the Buddha’s name], in order to, [in this] present life, exit [from] these Five Defilements, [to] ascend those Nine [Grades of] lotuses.

[Immeasurable Life Sūtra]


[The] Buddha at [the] country [of] Māgadhā’s Spiritual Vulture Mountain within, spoke [of how A]mitā[bha] Buddha, first [on his] causal ground, renounced [his] kingdom [and] left [the] household [life, to] give rise [to his] forty-eight vows.


Once again, over a long time passing long kalpas, relying [on his] vows [to] cultivate practice. Until reaching blessings [and] wisdom [that are] perfect [and complete], attaining accomplishment [of the] Buddha path. That corresponding Land [Of Ultimate Bliss’] adornments, [are with] wonders not able [to be] named.


[The] ten directions’ all Buddhas all highly praise [it. The] ten directions’ Bodhisattvas, with [those of the] Two Vehicles [who] dedicate [the] small [to the] great, [and] ordinary beings [who] are complete [with] confusions [and] negative karma, all [can] attain rebirth [in his Pure Land, [to] equally receive reception [and] guidance. [This] is as [the] Immeasurable Life Sūtra.

[Sūtra (On) Contemplation (Of) Immeasurable Life Buddha]


In [the] country [of] Māgadhā’s royal palace within, [was] speaking [of] pure karma’s Three Blessings, [and the] sixteen wonderful contemplations.


So that all sentient beings, all know [that ‘it] is [the] mind [that] becomes Buddha, [and it] is [the] mind [that] is Buddha’, [that] all Buddhas’ right all-knowing ocean, from [the] mind’s thoughts arise.


Then, [‘it] is [the] mind [that] becomes [a] sentient being, [and it] is [the] mind [that] is [a] sentient being’, [that] sentient beings’ afflictions’ karmic ocean, from [the] mind’s thoughts arise. Of [this] meaning, [it is] then already shown, clearly [and] obviously.


If able [to] profoundly understand this meaning, who [will be] willing [to] suffer [from] rebirth in vain?


[For those] yet [to] understand [the] Nine Grades’ births’ causes, in order [to have] each cultivate [for] high[er] grades. [This] is as [the] Sūtra [On] Contemplation [Of] Immeasurable Life Buddha.

[Amitā(bha) Sūtra]


In [the] country [of] Śrāvastī’s Giver[-To-]Orphans[-And-The-Lonely’s] Grove within, [was] speaking [of the] Pure Land’s circumstantial [and] direct wonderful fruits [to] enable giving rise [to] Faith, [to] encourage all listeners, [who] should seek rebirth with giving rise [to] Aspiration, [and] again enable practitioners, [to] firmly uphold [the] name for establishing Practice.


[With Faith, Aspiration [and] Practice, [these] three, [are] as [the] guiding principles [of the] Pure Land Dharma Door. Complete [with] these three Dharma [teachings], perhaps [for] all [of] one’s life firmly upholding [the Buddha’s name], already attaining wholeheartedness. Perhaps [when] approaching [the] end [of life], then hearing [this], only reciting [with] ten thoughts, all [will] attain receiving [of the] Buddha’s reception [and] guidance, [to be] reborn [in the] Western [Pure Land]. [This] is as [the] Amitā[bha] Sūtra.


These three, [are] thus sūtras that focus [on] discussion [about the] Pure Land. And [the] Amitā[bha] Sūtra, [for] gathering [spiritual] capacities, [is] especially universal. Therefore, [of] Chán, [Sūtra] Teachings [and] Vinaya, each tradition, all offer [it] as [part of their] daily chanting [practices].

[Śūraṅgama Sūtra’s Section (On) Great Power Arrived (Bodhisattva’s) Perfect Penetration (With) Mindfulness (Of) Buddha]


[Of] all [the] Great Vehicle’s sūtras, those carrying speak [of] Pure Land, [are so] many [that they are] difficult [to be] counted. Yet [the] Śūraṅgama Sūtra’s Section [On] Great Power Arrived [Bodhisattva’s] Perfect Penetration [With] Mindfulness [Of] Buddha, truly [is] as mindfulness [of] Buddha’s most wonderful teaching.


[For] sentient beings, if able [to] ‘gather in [the] six roots, [with] pure mindfulness [in] continuous succession’ as thought, how can there not be ‘manifesting [in the] present [or in the] future, [to] definitely see [the] Buddha’, [to be] near realisation [of] perfect penetration, [to be] far [from] accomplishment [of the] Buddha path?


Thus with this Section, listed after [the] Three Sūtras, and with Universal Virtue [Bodhisattva’s] Practices [And] Vows’ Chapter, [with] it last, with [these] accomplishing [as] one great condition [for the] arising of [the] Pure Land Dharma Door.


[They] enable all readers, [to] know this one Dharma [Door, by] greatly explaining [the] Buddha’s intention. Comparing [with] those relying [on] Self-power [to] sever confusions [and] realise [the] true, with [this to] liberate [from the cycle of] birth [and] death, its [degree of] difficulty [versus] easiness [is] more than just [the] wide gap [between the] sky [and a deep] abyss.


Therefore, [the] nine realms together return [to it, the] ten directions together praise [it, thousands [of] sūtras together explain [it, and] ten thousand treatises all proclaim [it].

[(The) Pure Land (Tradition’s) Four Sūtras]


[In] Jīnlíng, ‘[The] Pure Land [Tradition’s] Four Sūtras’ plates, [are] already indistinct. Those cultivating pure karma, [face] hardship without [the] most clear [and] understandable reading text.

[(The) Pure Land (Tradition’s) Five Sūtras]


Therefore with casting plates, with [the] Section [On Great] Power Arrived [Bodhisattva’s] Perfect Penetration [With] Mindfulness [Of] Buddha, attached to [the] Three Sūtras behind, named as ‘[The] Pure Land [Tradition’s] Five Sūtras’.

[Conditions (Of) Arising (For) Reading (And) Reciting]


If [for] discussing [on the] Dharma Door’s conditions [of] arising, [it] should [be] with [the] Immeasurable Life Sūtra as [the] foremost. Now, for convenience of reading [and] reciting, [it is] thus with [the] Amitā[bha] Sūtra as [the] foremost. [May] readers understand this.

[In the] People’s Republic [of China’s] twenty-second year, [of] Guǐyǒu [i.e. 1933], [on the] lunar calendar’s new year’s day, [by the] Constantly Repentant Monk Shì Yìnguāng sincerely written.

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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