Verses On Seeking And Transforming 求化偈

Verses [On] Seeking [And] Transforming


[Be] reborn [in] Pure Land, [to] seek [the] Buddha path above. Return [to] enter [the] Sahā [World, to] transform [all] sentient beings below.

[Note 1: It is sometimes mistaken that seeking birth in Pure Land is just to ‘rest and relax’ there, without any purpose indefinitely. This is not true as it is for perfecting Dharma learning and practice, to most swiftly progress towards Buddhahood, so as to swiftly return to guide the unenlightened to Buddhahood too. With Āmítuófó’s (阿弥陀佛) blessings, the Bodhicitta (菩提心) aspiration to do these will be naturally and fully given rise to there.]


[If] not born [in the] Western [Pure Land, it will be] difficult [to] seek [and] difficult [to] transform. Like those not having significant learning, [yet] anxious [to] become founding teachers.

[Note 2: If not born in Pure Land, accomplishing both of the above completely here will be extremely difficult. If wishing to accomplish them in this lifetime or in a near future lifetime, without being born in Pure Land for further spiritual training, this would be like those yet to be well-learned and well-practised, who unrealistically think they can rush to do what the Buddhas do perfectly, to teach and deliver all beings. If not highly spiritually accomplished, yet not born in Pure Land, all of the Dharma learnt in this lifetime will be forgotten in the next. If so, how will there be definite spiritual progress?]

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