Why Should We Fear Suffering’s Fruit And Seek Birth In Pure Land? 为何应当畏惧苦果而求生净土?


[The] suffering of [this] Sahā [World, is] not able [to be] spoken [of] completely.


Even if [some] times belong [to those with] great peace, [they are] still days [with] suffering [and] afflictions within.

以众生久习相安,遂不知耳。 …

With sentient beings over a long time habitually [at] ‘peace’ with [this], following along unknowingly…


Now hearing this said, [you] should [be] vigorously roused [to] give rise [to the] great mind [of Aspiration], with [it to] quickly seek rebirth [in Pure Land].


After that returning [to the] Sahā World [liberated, to] universally deliver all [beings].


[A] sūtra says, ‘Bodhisattvas fear [evil] causes, [and] sentient beings fear [evil] effects.’

[Note 1: Not believing in the karmic law of cause and effect, unenlightened beings do not fear creating of evil karma, while ironically fearing their effects when they arrive, yet often still not realising then, that they are due to their own evil karma.]  


Bodhisattvas fear attracting evil effects, thus severing evil causes.

[Note 2: This is done by mindfully ensuring not to create evil karma in the first place.]


[With] evil causes severed, then [will] evil effects [be] without way [to] then arise.


Sentient beings vie [to] create evil causes, until [they] receive [their] evil effects.


When receiving evil effects, not knowing [to] self-repent past [negative] karma, also [to] again create even more evil ways, with [them] as ‘remedies’, then [with] grudge [after] grudge repaying one another, passing kalpas unceasingly.


How [is this] not pitiful? How [is this] not [to be] feared?


[Those] knowing this yet not seeking birth [in the] Western [Pure Land, are not persons [of great character]. 


Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng
(Reply Letter [To A] Certain Yǒngjiā Layperson [And His] Brother)

Namo Amituofo : Translation and notes by Shen Shi’an

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