[2] Earnest Teachings Are The Best 老实开示最好


[Part 2]: After I left [the] household [life, I] went everywhere [to] visit [and] learn. At that time, [as] Master Biànróng’s school [was] greatly rising, I reached [the] capital city [to] ask [to meet] him.

[Note 1: Especially in ancient times, there are those who earnestly make long journeys to seek essential teachings from Great Masters personally.]


[On my] knees moving [forward, as I] repeatedly requested [teachings, the] Master said, ‘You must guard [your] personal responsibilities, must not go [to be] greedy [after] fame [and] chase profits, must not go [to] clutch [at] conditions, only must [be with] cause [and] effect distinct [and] clear, [with] wholehearted mindfulness [of] Buddha.’

[Note 2: In summary, the teachings advise to take care of duties well, but without craving for name and gain, or grasping at external worldly conditions. There should be mindfulness of the workings of the law of karma to be highly moral, with sincere focusing on mindfulness of Buddha as the Main Practice.]


I, [having] received [these] teachings [and] left, those together travelling laughed heartily, [saying that] with these few sayings, who [is] not [able to] say [them]?

[Note 3: Even if teachings offered are few, ‘simple’ and already known, as long as they are yet to be heeded, they are still helpful reminders.]


[From a] thousand lǐs faraway coming, exclusively saying [that there] are extremely lofty [and] wonderful aspects [to learn], as it turns out, [they are] ‘not’ worth half [a] coin.


I said, ‘[From] these [teachings], precisely [can be] seen [are] his strong points. [As] we looked up to reverently [and] admired [him, we from] afar came [to] reach here, yet he [did] not speak [of the] mysterious [and] speak [of the] wondrous to be above us, only earnestly [with his] own realisation, [his] very appropriate, refined [and] down-to-earth skills exhorting [and] teaching thus, these are his strong points.’

[Note 4: The overly theoretically profound are pointless to teach then, as they are difficult to understand, especially when lacking time. Yet it is possible to teach practically, on what to practise, to realise the profound in good time. With mindfulness of Buddha practised well enough to reach Pure Land, all of the profound will be fully realised there. These are thus priceless teachings.]


I until today truly comply with [these teachings], never heedless [and] losing [them].

Pure Land Tradition’s 8th Patriarch Great Master Liánchí
(Collection [Of] Yúnqī’s Pure Land Sayings: Eight Articles [As] Warnings [For The] Masses)

Namo Amituofo : Translation and notes by Shen Shi’an

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