[36] Thirty-Sixth Chapter On Bodhisattvas Reborn (Of Immeasurable Life Sūtra)《无量寿经》菩萨往生第卅六

Thirty-Sixth [Chapter On] Bodhisattvas Reborn


Maitreya Bodhisattva [to the] Buddha said, ‘World-Honoured [One], in this world, [there] are how many [of] those non-retrogressible Bodhisattvas, [who will be] born [in] that Buddha land?’


[The] Buddha told Maitreya, ‘In this world, sixty-seven koṭis [of] non-retrogressible Bodhisattvas, [will be] reborn [in] that land. Each [and every] one [of these] Bodhisattvas, already previously made offerings [to] innumerably many Buddhas, second thus [to] those [of] Maitreya. [Of] all Bodhisattvas [with] minor practices, and those [who] cultivated few meritorious virtues, [who] cannot [be] counted, all will [be] reborn.’


[The] Buddha told Maitreya, ‘Not only [are] my land’s all Bodhisattvas [and] others reborn [in] that land. [Those from] other directions’ Buddha lands, [are] likewise thus.


Among [them, is the] first Buddha, named Far-Illuminating, who has [a] hundred [and] eighty koṭis [of] Bodhisattvas, [who] all will [be] reborn.


Among [them, is the] second Buddha, named Treasure Store, who has ninety koṭis [of] Bodhisattvas, [who] all will [be] reborn.


Among [them, is the] third Buddha, named Immeasurable Sound, who has two hundred [and] twenty koṭis [of] Bodhisattvas, [who] all will [be] reborn.


Among [them, is the] fourth Buddha, named Ambrosia Flavour, who has two hundred [and] fifty koṭis [of] Bodhisattvas, [who] all will [be] reborn.


Among [them, is the] fifth Buddha, named Dragon Victory, who has fourteen koṭis [of] Bodhisattvas, [who] all will [be] reborn.


Among [them, is the] sixth Buddha, named Victorious Power, who has fourteen thousand Bodhisattvas, [who] all will [be] reborn.


Among [them, is the] seventh Buddha, named Lion, who has five hundred Bodhisattvas, [who] all will [be] reborn.


Among [them, is the] eighth Buddha, named Departure [From] Defilements’ Light, who has eighty koṭis [of] Bodhisattvas, [who] all will [be] reborn.


Among [them, is the] ninth Buddha, named Virtue Foremost, who has sixty koṭis [of] Bodhisattvas, [who] all will [be] reborn.


Among [them, is the] tenth Buddha, named Wonderful Virtue’s Mountain, who has sixty koṭis [of] Bodhisattvas, [who] all will [be] reborn.


Among [them, is the] eleventh Buddha, named Humans’ King, who has ten koṭis [of] Bodhisattvas, [who] all will [be] reborn.


Among [them, is the] twelfth Buddha, named Unsurpassable Flower, who has innumerable all Bodhisattva assemblies [who] cannot [be] counted, all [with] non-retrogression, wise, courageous [and] powerful, [who] already previously made offerings [to] immeasurably many Buddhas. In seven days within, [they will] immediately [be] able [to] gather [and] receive [a] hundred thousand koṭis [of] kalpas of firm Dharma teachings that Great Bodhisattvas cultivate. These [and] other Bodhisattvas, all will [be] reborn.


Among [them, is the] thirteenth Buddha, named Fearlessness, who has seven hundred [and] ninety koṭis [of] Great Bodhisattva assemblies, all Minor Bodhisattvas, Bhikṣus and others, [who] cannot [be] counted, [who] all will [be] reborn.’


[The] Buddha said [to] Maitreya, ‘Not only these fourteen Buddha lands within [have] all Bodhisattvas [and] others, [who] will [be] reborn [there] too. [In the] ten directions’ worlds’ immeasurable Buddha lands, those reborn [are] likewise thus, extremely many [and] innumerable. I, only speaking [of] all [these] ten directions’ Buddhas’ names, and those [of the] Bodhisattvas [and] Bhikṣus born [in] that land, [in] day [and] night [for] one kalpa, [will] still yet [to be] able [to] exhaust [them]. I now for you, [have] briefly spoken of [them] only.’

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