[08] The Eighth Great Vow: Constantly Following Buddhas To Learn (Of Universal Virtue Bodhisattva’s Practices’ And Vows’ Chapter)《普贤菩萨行愿品》第八大愿:常随佛学

[08] [The Eighth Great Vow: Constantly Following Buddhas (To) Learn]


Furthermore, good man, speaking [of] that, [of] constantly following Buddhas [to] learn, like this Sahā World’s Vairocana Thus Come [One], from first giving rise [to the Bodhi] Mind, diligent without retreating, with unspeakably unspeakable bodies [and] lives then for giving. Peeling skin for paper, breaking apart bones for pens, [and] pricking blood for ink, [for] copying sūtras, accumulating [to be] like Sumeru.


For reverencing [the] Dharma thus, not sparing bodies [and] lives, furthermore kings’ positions, cities [and] towns, palace halls [and] gardens, all those possessed, and [with] other all kinds [of] difficult practices [and] ascetic practices.


And even under [the] tree accomplishing Great Bodhi, revealing all kinds [of] supernormal [powers], giving rise [to] all kinds [of] changes [and] transformations, appearing [with] all kinds [of] Buddhas’ bodies, dwelling [at] all kinds [of] assemblies, perhaps dwelling [at] all Great Bodhisattvas’ assemblies’ places [for realising the] path, perhaps dwelling [at] Voice-Hearers’ and Pratyekabuddhas’ assemblies’ places [for realising the] path, perhaps dwelling [at] Wheel-Turning Noble Kings’, minor kings’ family members’ assemblies’ places [for realising the] path, perhaps dwelling [at] kṣatriyas’ and brahmins’, elders’, laypersons’ assemblies’ places [for realising the] path, and even perhaps dwelling [at] heavenly [beings’ and] dragons’ eight divisions’ human-[yet]-non-humans’ [and] others’ assemblies’ places [for realising the] path.


Dwelling in these such all kinds [of] assemblies, with perfect sounds, like great thunder shaking, according [to] that [they] joyfully desire, maturing sentient beings, and even manifesting entering of Parinirvāṇa, [of] these such all, I all follow [to] learn.


Like [the] present World-Honoured Vairocana, thus exhausting [the] Dharma Realm’s empty space’s realms, [the] ten directions’ three periods’ all Buddha lands’ all dust [motes] within, all [their] Thus Come [Ones], all likewise thus, in thought [to] thought within, I all follow [to] learn.


Thus [with] empty space’s realms exhausted, sentient beings’ realms exhausted, sentient beings’ karmas exhausted, sentient beings’ afflictions exhausted, my this following [to] learn [will] not have [a] complete end. [With] thought [to] thought [in] continuous succession, not having interruption. [With] body, speech [and] mind karmas, not having weariness.

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