[09] The Ninth Great Vow: Constantly Complying With Sentient Beings (Of Universal Virtue Bodhisattva’s Practices’ And Vows’ Chapter)《普贤菩萨行愿品》第九大愿:恒顺众生

[09] [The Ninth Great Vow: Constantly Complying (With) Sentient Beings]


Furthermore, good man, speaking [of] that, [of] constantly complying [with] sentient beings, speaking [of] exhausting [the] Dharma Realm’s empty space’s realms, [the] ten directions’ lands’ ocean’s all sentient beings, [with] all kinds [of] differences. [Those] so-called [of] egg birth, womb birth, moisture birth [and] manifestation birth, perhaps having those relying on earth, water, fire [and] wind then born [and] abiding, perhaps having those relying [on] space and all grasses [and] trees then born [and] abiding, all kinds [of] living beings, [with] all kinds [of] physical bodies, all kinds [of] forms [and] shapes, all kinds [of] appearances, all kinds [of] lifespans, all kinds [of] clans, all kinds [of] names, all kinds [of] mind natures, all kinds [of] knowledge [and] insight, all kinds [of] desires’ joys, all kinds [of] mental practices, all kinds [of] majestic conduct, all kinds [of] clothing, all kinds [of] drinks [and] food, dwelling in all kinds [of] villages [and] towns, cities [and] palace halls.


And even all heavenly [beings’ and] dragons’ eight divisions, humans-[yet]-non-humans [and] others. [Those] without feet, [with] two feet, four feet, many feet, having forms, without forms, having perception, without perception, not having perception [and] not without perception, thus [and] other kinds, I [with] all of those accordingly comply and transform. [With] all kinds attending [and] serving, [and] all kinds [of] offerings. Like reverencing fathers [and] mothers, like serving teachers [and] seniors, and Arhats, and even Thus Come [Ones, and] others without difference. For all [with] sicknesses [and] suffering, for [them] becoming good doctors. For those [who] lost [the] path, revealing that right path. For [those in] dark nights within, for [them] becoming bright light. For those poor, enabling [to] attain hidden treasures. Bodhisattvas thus equally benefit all sentient beings.


Why [is this] so? Bodhisattvas, if able [to] accordingly comply [with] sentient beings, then [are] with accordingly complying [and] making [of] offerings [to] all Buddhas. If of sentient beings honourably attending [and] serving, then [are] with honourable attending [and] serving [of] Thus Come [Ones]. If [there are] those enabling sentient beings [to] give rise [to] joy, [they] then enable all Thus Come [Ones to have] joy.


Why [is this] so? All Buddha Thus Come [Ones, are] with great compassion’s mind then as essence thus. Because of sentient beings then giving rise [to] great compassion, because of great compassion giving rise [to the] Bodhi Mind, because [of the] Bodhi Mind accomplishing Equal [And] Right Awakening.


For example, like sandy lands of vast wilderness within, [there] are great tree kings. If [their] roots attain water, [their] branches [and] leaves, flowers [and] fruits, [will] all [be] lush [and] flourishing. [In] births’ [and] deaths’ vast wilderness, [the] Bodhi Tree King, [is] likewise again thus. All sentient beings [are] then as trees [and] roots, [with] all Buddhas [and] Bodhisattvas then as flowers [and] fruits. With great compassion’s water benefiting sentient beings, then able [to] accomplish all Buddhas’ [and] Bodhisattvas’ wisdom flowers [and] fruits.


Why [is this] so? If all Bodhisattvas with great compassion’s water benefit sentient beings, [they are] then able [to] accomplish Anuttara Samyak Saṃbodhi thus. Therefore, Bodhi belongs to sentient beings. If without sentient beings, all Bodhisattvas in the end [will] not [be] able [to] accomplish Unsurpassable Right Awakening.            


Good man, you of this meaning, should thus understand. With regarding [of] sentient beings, [with the] mind [of] equality thus, then able [to] accomplish perfect great compassion. With great compassion’s mind according [with] sentient beings thus, then able [to] accomplish making [of] offerings [to] Thus Come [Ones].


Bodhisattvas thus accordingly comply [with] sentient beings, [with] empty space’s realms exhausted, sentient beings’ realms exhausted, sentient beings’ karmas exhausted, sentient beings’ afflictions exhausted, my this accordingly complying [will] not have [a] complete end. [With] thought [to] thought [in] continuous succession, not having interruption. [With] body, speech [and] mind karmas, not having weariness.

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