[28] Twenty-Eighth Chapter On Extensive Proclamation Of The Wonderful Dharma (Of Immeasurable Life Sūtra)《无量寿经》广宣妙法第廿八

Twenty-Eighth [Chapter On] Extensive Proclamation [Of The] Wonderful Dharma


[The] Buddha said [to] Ānanda, ‘When Immeasurable Life Buddha, for all Voice-Hearers, Bodhisattvas, heavenly [and] human [beings], confers [and] proclaims [the] Dharma, [they] all assemble [in a] seven treasures’ lecture hall, [for] extensive proclamation [of the] path’s teachings, [that] clearly expounds [the] wonderful Dharma, [with] none not joyful, [with their] minds understanding [and] attaining [the] path.


Immediately, [in the] four directions, natural breezes arise, [that] blow [through the] seven treasures’ trees, [to] emit [the] five notes’ sounds. Immeasurable wonderful flowers following [the] breezes [are in the] four [directions] scattered, [as] natural offerings, thus without end. All heavenly [beings] all present, [from the] sky above, [a] hundred thousand [kinds of] flowers [and] incenses, [with] ten thousand kinds [of] music, [to] offer that Buddha, and assemblies of all Bodhisattvas [and] Voice-Hearers. [They] universally scatter [the] flowers [and] incenses, [and] play all [kinds of] music. [With those] before [and] after, coming [and] going, [with] one after another, keeping clear. When [at] this moment, [with] harmony [and] joy, happiness [and] bliss, [that] cannot [be] completely spoken [of].’

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