[24] Twenty-Fourth Chapter On Bodhisattvas Going Out To Make Offerings (Of Immeasurable Life Sūtra)《无量寿经》菩萨出供第二十四

Twenty-Fourth [Chapter On] Bodhisattvas Going Out [To Make] Offerings


[The] Buddha said [to] Ānanda, ‘That land’s Bodhisattvas, receiving [the] Buddha’s majestic supernormal [powers, in the] short time of one meal, go towards [the] ten directions’ immeasurable worlds, [to] reverently make offerings [to] all Buddha World-Honoured [Ones]. According [to their] wishes as mindful [of], flowers, incense, music, clothing, canopies, banners, innumerable [and] immeasurable instruments of offering, naturally manifest [to] arise, responding [to their] thoughts, immediately arriving. Precious [and] wonderful, special [and] outstanding, not [like] those [this] world has. Immediately with [these] offerings, [they are] distributed [to] all Buddhas, and assemblies of all Bodhisattvas [and] Voice-Hearers.


In empty space within, [it] manifests [to] form flower canopies, [with] lights [and] colours bright [and] glittering, [with] fragrance universally perfuming. These flowers [are] surround around [for] four hundred lǐs, thus [in] turn increasing many times over, thus covering [the] three-thousandfold great-thousandfold world. According [to] those before [and] after, in order dissolving [and] disappearing. All these Bodhisattvas, [are] all thus joyous. In empty space within, together playing heavenly music, with subtle [and] wonderful sounds, singing praises [of the] Buddha’s virtues. Listening [to] receive sūtras’ Dharma, [with] joy immeasurable. [Having] offered [to the] Buddhas already, before, [when] yet [to] eat, suddenly lightly rising [to fly, they] return [to] that original land.’

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