[19] Nineteenth Chapter On Treasure Nets, Sounds And Fragrances (Of Immeasurable Life Sūtra)《无量寿经》宝网音香第十九

Nineteenth [Chapter On] Treasure Nets, Sounds [And] Fragrances


[The] Buddha told Ānanda, ‘[In] Immeasurable Life [Buddha’s] Land, all its heavenly [and] human [beings’] clothing, drinks, food, flowers, incenses, necklaces, satiny canopies, banners, subtle [and] wonderful music, their dwelling residences, palace halls [and] towering pavilions, suit their bodies [and] countenances, heights [and] sizes. Perhaps [with] one treasure, two treasures, and even immeasurable all treasures, accordingly [as] wished, [with] that desired, responding [to their] thoughts, immediately arriving.


Moreover, with wonderful clothing [of] all treasures, everywhere spread [over] its ground, [for] all heavenly [and] human [beings to] tread [on] it and walk. Immeasurable treasure nets, fully cover [the] Buddha Land. All with gold threads, pearls, [and a] hundred thousand varied treasures, unique [and] wonderful, precious [and] rare, majestically decorating one another. [Their] surrounding four sides, hang with treasure bells. [With] lights [and] colours dazzling [and] glorious, [with the] utmost extreme [of] majestic beauty.


Natural virtues’ breezes gently arise [and] slightly move [them]. These breezes [are] harmonious, neither cold nor hot, [with] warmth [and] coolness gentle [and] soft, neither slow nor fast. Blowing [through] all [the] nets, and all treasure trees, playing [and] emitting immeasurable subtle [and] wonderful Dharma sounds, spreading ten thousand kinds [of] mild [and] refined virtues’ fragrances. There are those [who] smell [them, with] afflictions [and] defiled habits, naturally not arising. [When the] breezes touch their bodies, [they] all attain happiness [and] bliss, for example, like bhikṣus [who have] attained Complete Cessation Samādhi.


Moreover, breezes blow [and] scatter flowers, everywhere filling [the] Buddha Land. According [to their] colours one after another, yet not disorderly. Gentle [and] soft [with] light [of] lustre [and] fragrance strong. [With] feet walking above them, [they] tread down [by] four cùns, following already raised feet, [they] return again, as before. [With the] flowers’ usage already completed, [the] ground then splits open, in order dissolving [and] sinking, purely [and] without residue. According [to] their time intervals, [with] breezes blowing [and] scattering flowers, thus repeating six [times].

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