[09] Ninth Chapter On Accumulating And Planting Virtuous Practices (Of Immeasurable Life Sūtra)《无量寿经》积植德行第九

Ninth [Chapter On] Accumulating [And] Planting Virtuous Practices


Ānanda, Dharma Treasury Bhikṣu, at that Buddha’s place, within [the] great assembly of all heavenly [beings], māras, brahmās, dragons [and] gods’ eight divisions, gave rise [to] these great vows. [Having] established these vows already, [he] wholeheartedly focused [on his] aspirations [to] adorn [a] wonderful land. That cultivated Buddha land [is] open [and] wide, vast [and] great, surpassingly excellent [and] uniquely wonderful. Created [to be] constant thus, without decline [and] without change.


For [an] inconceivable period [of a] trillion distant kalpas, [he] accumulated [and] planted Bodhisattvas’ immeasurable virtuous practices.


Not giving rise [to] desires’ feelings, anger’s feelings [and] harm’s feelings. Not giving rise [to] desires’ perceptions, anger’s perceptions [and] harm’s perceptions. Not attached [to] forms, sounds, smells, flavours, touches [and] thoughts.


[With] patience’s power accomplished, not considering all suffering. [With] few desires, knowing contentment, without [being] defiled [by] anger [and] delusion.


[With] samādhi constantly tranquil [and] wisdom unobstructed, not having [the] mind of falsehood [and] flattery. [With] kindly expression [and] loving speech, first [knowing others’] intentions, supporting [that] asked [for].


[With] courageous [and] powerful diligence, [and] aspirations without weariness. Focusing [on] seeking [the] Dharma of purity, with [it] giving [to] benefit all sentient beings.


Reverencing [the] Triple Gem, attending [to] teachers [and] seniors. With great adornments completing all practices. Enabling all sentient beings’ meritorious virtues [to be] accomplished.


Abiding [in the] Dharma of emptiness, formlessness [and] wishlessness, without doing [and] without arising, contemplating dharmas as manifested.


Far departing [from] coarse speech, [that] self-harms [and] harms others, [with] one another together harmed. Cultivating good speech, [that] self-benefits [and] benefits people, [with] people [and] oneself together benefitted.


Relinquishing [his] kingdom [and] renouncing kingship, severing away wealth [and] sex. Personally practising [the] Six Pāramitās, teaching people [to] enable [their] practice. [For] inexhaustible numerous kalpas, accumulating merits [and] amassing virtues.


Accordingly [at] his birthplaces, [with] those in mind [as] desired, immeasurable treasure stores naturally manifest [in] response.


Teaching [and] transforming, peacefully establishing innumerable sentient beings, [to] abide on [the] unsurpassable right [and] true path. Perhaps as elders, laypersons, [those from] rich [and] powerful clans, [and the] honourable. Perhaps as Kṣatriya Monarchs [and] Wheel-Turning Noble Emperors. Perhaps as [the] Sixth Desire Heavens’ Lords, and even Brahmā Kings. Constantly with [the] four requisites, offering [and] reverencing all Buddhas. Such meritorious virtues, cannot [be] stated.


[With] mouth’s breath fragrant [and] clean, like utpala flowers. [With] all [of the] body’s pores emitting sandalwood fragrance, its fragrance universally perfuming immeasurable worlds.


[With] countenance upright, forms’ excellences special [and] wonderful. His hands constantly produce inexhaustible treasures. [With] clothing, drinks, food, precious [and] wonderful flowers [and] incenses, silky canopies [and] banners, [as] instruments of adornment. Such [and] other matters, surpass [those of] all heavenly beings. Regarding all dharmas, yet attaining ease.’

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