[01] First Chapter On Dharma Assembly’s Noble Assembly (Of Immeasurable Life Sūtra)《无量寿经》法会圣众第一

[The] Sūtra [In Which The] Buddha Speaks [Of] Immeasurable Life

[The] Great[er] Sūtra

[公元 252 年] 曹魏康僧铠译
[In 252 C.E. By] Cáo Wèi [Dynasty’s] Saṅghavarman Translated [To Chinese]

公元 2020 年文殊菩萨圣诞(农历四月初四)优婆塞沈时安译
[In] 2020 C.E. [On] Mañjuśrī Bodhisattva’s Sacred Birthday (4th Day Of 4th Lunar Month) [By] Upāsakā Shěn Shí’ān Translated [To English]

[For ease of detailed studying and editing, square brackets show necessary connective words used in translation, to be removed for final published version later, with addition of glossary and notes. Suggestions are welcome for more precise choice of words. Námó Āmítuófó.]

Immeasurable Life Sūtra: Higher Scroll

Preface Section

First [Chapter On] Dharma Assembly
s Noble Assembly


I [have] heard thus, [that at] one time, [the] Buddha [was] abiding within Rājagṛha City’s Mount Gṛdhrakūṭa. With [the] Great Bhikṣu assembly [of] twelve thousand persons together, all [of whom are] great sages, [with] supernormal [powers] already attained.


Their names [are the] Honoured One Understanding Reality’s Limit, Honoured One Right Vows, Honoured One Right Speech, Honoured One Great Name, Honoured One Benevolent Virtue, Honoured One Departed [From] Defilements, Honoured One Renown, Honoured One Good Fruit, Honoured One Completion, Honoured One Bull King, Honoured One Uruvilvā-Kāśyapa, Honoured One Gayā-Kāśyapa, Honoured One Nadī-Kāśyapa, Honoured One Mahākāśyapa, Honoured One Śāriputra, Honoured One Great Maudgalyāyana, Honoured One Kapphiṇa, Honoured One Great Abiding, Honoured One Great Pure Aspiration, Honoured One Mahācunda, Honoured One Fulfiller-[Of]-Vows’ Son, Honoured One Departed [From] Obstacles, Honoured One Water Pourer, Honoured One Firm Subduing, Honoured One Face King, Honoured One Different Vehicle, Honoured One Benevolent Nature, Honoured One Excellent Music, Honoured One Well Come, Honoured One Rāhula, Honoured One Ānanda, all such [as] these, [and] other foremost elders too.


Moreover, with [the] Great Vehicle’s assembly [of] Bodhisattvas together, [are] Universal Virtue Bodhisattva, Wonderful Virtue Bodhisattva, Maitreya Bodhisattva [and] others, all Bodhisattvas within this Virtuous Kalpa.


Moreover, [there are] Virtue Protection [and] other sixteen Great Bodhisattvas, Good Comprehension Bodhisattva, Faithful Wisdom Bodhisattva, Emptiness Bodhisattva, Supernormal Flower Bodhisattva, Light Outstanding Bodhisattva, Wisdom Superior Bodhisattva, Wisdom Banner Bodhisattva, Tranquil Roots Bodhisattva, Vows’ Wisdom Bodhisattva, Fragrant Elephant Bodhisattva, Treasures Outstanding Bodhisattva, Middle Abiding Bodhisattva, Restraint’s Practice Bodhisattva [and] Liberation Bodhisattva, all following [the] virtues of Universal Virtue Great Bodhisattva, complete [with] all Bodhisattvas’ immeasurable practices [and] vows, peacefully abiding [in the] Dharma [of] all meritorious virtues. Travelling [in the] ten directions, practising skilful means. Entering [the] Buddhas’ Dharma treasury, ultimately [reaching the] other shore.


In immeasurable worlds, appearing [to] accomplish Equal Awakening. Dwelling [in] Tuṣita heavens, greatly proclaiming [the] right Dharma. Renouncing those heavenly palaces, descending [with their] consciousnesses [into their] mothers’ wombs. From [their] right sides born, appearing [to] walk seven steps. [With] bright light prominent [and] glorious, universally illuminating [the] ten directions. [In] immeasurable Buddha lands, [with] six kinds [of] shaking. Raising voices [to] personally claim, ‘I will in [this] world, be [the] Unsurpassable Honoured [One].’ [With] Śakra [and] Brahmā serving [and] attending, heavenly [and] human [beings] taking refuge [and] relying on [him].


Manifesting [skills in] calculation, literature [and] arts, archery [and] horsemanship, extensively proficient [in spiritual] paths’ skills, [with] understanding [and] practice [of] groups [of classical] texts. Learning in [the] back garden, discussing martial arts [and] testing skills. Appearing [to] dwell within palaces, among forms [and] flavours.


Seeing old [age], sickness [and] death, awakening [to the] world’s impermanence. Relinquishing kingdom, wealth [and] position, entering mountains [to] learn [the] path. [With] clothing, chariot, white horse, treasure crown [and] necklace, sending them, ordering [to be] returned. Renouncing precious [and] wonderful clothing, then wearing [the] Dharma robe. Shaving [to] remove beard [and] hair, seated upright under [a] tree, [with] diligence [and] suffering [for] six years, practising accordingly that [which] should [be done].


Appearing [in a] world [with] five defilements, accordingly complying [with] all sentient beings. Manifesting [to] have [and] dust [and] dirt, taking [a] bath [in the] golden river. [With a] heavenly [being] pressing down [a] tree’s branch, [to] allow climbing out [of the] pool. Spiritual birds fly [to] follow, [to] go towards [the] place [for realising the] path.


Auspiciousness responds [to] prove, praising [and] showing clearly [his] meritorious virtues [and] blessed rewards. [With] empathy receiving offered grass, [for] spreading under [the] Buddha tree, [in the] lotus posture then seated. Exerting great bright light, causing Māra [to] know. Māra commanding [his] officials [and] subordinates, then come [to] pressure [and] test [him]. Restraining with wisdom’s power, [with] all enabled [to be] subdued. Attaining [the] subtle [and] wonderful Dharma, accomplishing [the] Most Right Awakening.


[With] Śakra [and] Brahmā imploring [and] encouraging, requesting [for] turning [of the] Dharma wheel. With [the] Buddha travelling, [the] Buddha’s roar [is] then roared. Striking [the] Dharma drum, blowing [the] Dharma conch, holding [the] Dharma sword, building Dharma pillars, shaking [with] Dharma thunder, dazzling [with] Dharma lightning, raining [with] Dharma rain, expounding [with the] Dharma [to] give. Constantly with [the] Dharma’s sounds, awakening all [in the] world. [With] bright light universally illuminating immeasurable Buddha lands. All worlds [have] six kinds [of] shaking. [With] all gathering [in] Māra’s realm, moving Māra’s palace hall. All māras [become] fearful [and] terrified, [with] none not taking refuge [and] subdued.


Breaking [and] splitting evil’s net, eliminating all views. Dispelling all afflictions, destroying all desires’ moats. Strictly protecting [the] Dharma city, opening [and] explaining Dharma gates. Washing [away] dirt, [to] clearly reveal [the] pure. [With] light merging [with the] Buddha’s Dharma, propagating [the] right [to] transform.


Entering kingdoms [for] alms, obtaining many abundant meals. [For] accumulating meritorious virtues, manifesting [as] blessings’ fields. Desiring [to] proclaim [the] Dharma, appearing [with] joyous smiles. With all Dharma medicines, saving [and] curing [those with the] three sufferings. Revealing [the] intention [of attaining the] path’s immeasurable meritorious virtues. Conferring Bodhisattvas predictions, [to] accomplish Equal [And] Right Awakening. Manifesting Parinirvāṇa, saving [and] aiding without limit. Eliminating all outflows, planting all virtuous roots. Completing meritorious virtues, [that are] subtle [and] wonderful, difficult [to] measure.


Travelling [in] all Buddha lands, universally presenting [the] path’s teachings. His those cultivated practices, [are] pure without defilements. For example, like [a] master illusionist, manifesting all different appearances. As males, as females, without those not transformed. [With the] fundamentals learnt [and] understood clearly, [with them] in mind [for] that done. All these Bodhisattvas, [are] likewise thus.


Learning all [of the] Dharma, [having] understanding integrated [with] detailed practice. [Of] those [places] abided [with] peace [and] truth, [with] none not touched [and] transformed. [In] innumerable Buddha lands, all universally appearing. Yet never arrogant [and] indulgent, [with] empathy [for] distressed sentient beings. [With] such of [the] Dharma, all complete.


[Of] Bodhisattvas’ sūtras, fully [and] fluently expressing [their] essence [and] wonders. [Their] names universally reach, [with the] path taming [in the] ten directions. All immeasurable Buddhas, all together mindfully protect [them].


That [the] Buddhas abide [upon, they have] all already attained abiding. [With] that [the] Great Sages established, moreover all already established. [With the] Thus Come [Ones’] path [to] transform [other], each able [to] proclaim [it]. For all Bodhisattvas, then becoming great teachers. With extremely profound meditative concentration [and] wisdom, inspiring [and] guiding sentient beings. Proficient [in] all [of] Dharma-nature, understanding thoroughly sentient beings’ forms. Understanding clearly all lands, making offerings [to] all Buddhas. Manifesting their bodies, similar to lightning. Skilfully learning [the] web of fearlessness, knowing clearly [the] illusory manifestations of dharmas.


Breaking [and] splitting Māra’s net, liberating [from] all binding fetters. Surpassing grounds of Voice-Hearers [and those by] Conditions Awakened, attaining [the] samādhis [of] emptiness, formlessness [and] wishlessness. Skilfully establishing skilful means, clearly expressing [the] Three Vehicles. With this transforming ended, then manifesting Parinirvāṇa.


Also without that [with] doing, also without that existing. Not arising [and] not ceasing, attaining equality [of] dharmas. Completely accomplishing immeasurable dhāraṇīs [and a] hundred thousand samādhis. [With] all roots’ wisdom, [in] vast, universal [and] tranquil concentration.


Profoundly entering Bodhisattvas’ Dharma treasury, attaining Buddhas’ Flower Adornment Samādhi, propagating [and] expounding all sūtras. Abiding [in] profound concentration’s door, [with] all seeing all present immeasurable Buddhas. [In] one moment [of] thought, without [that of] everywhere not [reached]. Aiding all [with] severe difficulties, all [those with] leisure [and] without leisure. Differently [and] clearly expressing [the] boundaries of truth, attaining all Thus Come [Ones’] wisdom of eloquence. Entering [with] all languages’ voices, inspiring [and] transforming all. Surpassing all [of the] world’s Dharma, [with] minds constantly [and] attentively abiding [on the] path of delivering [the] world. With all ten thousand things, yet according [to their] wishes [with] ease.


For all numerous kinds, becoming their friends without invitation. Carrying burdens [of] all sentient beings, [and] for those [with] heavy loads. Accepting [and] upholding Thus Come [Ones’] extremely profound Dharma treasury. Protecting [the] Buddhas’ lineage, constantly causing [it to] not end. Giving rise [to] great compassion, [with] empathy [for] sentient beings. Expounding [with] loving-kindness [and] eloquence, conferring [the] Dharma eye. Shutting [the] three realms, opening good doors. With that Dharma without invitation, giving [to] all [of] the masses. Like children of pure filiality, loving [and] revering [their] fathers [and] mothers. Of all sentient beings, seeing [them] to be like oneself. [With] all good roots, [for] all [to be] delivered [to the] other shore. All obtain all Buddhas’ immeasurable meritorious virtues. [With] wisdom noble [and] brilliant, [that is] inconceivable. Of such [and] other Great Bodhisattvas, [who] cannot [be] counted, [at this] one time, [they] came [to the] assembly.

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