How To Not Encounter Epidemics 如何不遭瘟疫?


[Be] mindful [of] Guānyīn [Bodhisattva or Āmítuófó]. Not only inviting Pure Land friends [to be] mindful, [you] should in [the] village within and [in] nearby villages proclaim, [that] regardless [of the] old [or] young, males [or] females, all [should] eat [as] veg[etari]ans, [and be] mindful [of] ‘Námó Guānshìyīn Púsà’ [or (‘Námó) Āmítuófó’: (南无)阿弥陀佛].


Everyone [should, with] each person at each person’s home within, along the way [when] doing things, along the way [be] mindful.


When walking, standing, sitting [and] lying down, [being] constantly mindful, [one] definitely [will] not encounter epidemics.


[The] year before [the] last (1933 C.E.), everywhere [was with] hullera [虎列拉: cholera] [that was] extremely severe. Near Shǎnxī’s Chéngchéng county’s Sìqián town, several hundred people died. One disciple [in his] village within, with fifty [to] sixty families, [had] all people enabled [to be] mindful, only [having] two evil persons’ deaths, [with the] rest all without sickness.


[In] Gānsù’s Gāngǔ [county], layperson Hé Hóngjí promoted mindfulness [of Amitābha] Buddha[‘s name] [i.e. Āmítuófó]. [At] all places where [there was] mindfulness [of] Buddha, [the] epidemic [did] not enter [the] county.


Your inviting [of] Pure Land friends [to be] mindful, is [the] small[er] method.


Teaching [the] whole village within’s old [and] young, males [and] females [to be] mindful, is [the] great[er] method.


[It is] most excellent [to] eat [as] pure veg[etari]ans. If they [are] not able, [they] also must eat less [meat].


If yet [to] eat [as] veg[etari]ans, [they] also must [be] mindful [of the Buddha’s or Bodhisattva’s name].


When [with] this [kind] of dangers, only mindfulness [of] ‘Námó Guānshìyīn Púsà’ [or (‘Námó) Āmítuófó’], is able [to] save [and] protect.


Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng
Second Reply Letter To Layperson Mù Zōngjìng
(4th day of the 1st lunar month of the 24th year of the People’s Republic of China: 1935 C.E.)

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