All Buddhas’ Source As Sūtras’ Hidden Meaning 诸佛之源即经中密意




卷第六: 偈颂品第十之初

All Buddhas’ Source As Sūtras’ Hidden Meaning

[In] all [the] ten directions’ lands,
[with] sentient beings [and] Bodhisattvas within,
[of] all [their] Dharma [Body’s Buddha], Reward [Body] Buddhas,
Manifestation Body [Buddhas] and Transformation [Body Buddhas],

all from Immeasurable Life [Buddha’s]
Land [Of] Ultimate Bliss within emerge;
[which] from [the] right [and] vast sūtras within,
should [be] known [as their] hidden meaning said.

Śākyamuni Buddha
([The] Mahāyāna Entry [Of] Laṅkāvatāra Sūtra’s
Sixth Scroll’s Chapter Ten [On] Verses’ First [Part])

Note [1]: What this implies is that all beings, even if they had reached other Pure Lands first, will eventually converge at Amitābha Buddha’s Pure Land, as the universal spiritual centre (i) for final training towards Buddhahood, through the many enlightened teachers congregated there, and even as Buddhas, (ii) to merge as the one Dharma Body Buddha (Dharmakāya Buddha: 法身佛), from which they diverge to manifest all their other countless bodies, as skiful means to guide other beings to Buddhahood, including by reaching Amitābha Buddha’s Pure Land.

Note [2]: The above is possible as all Pure Lands are interconnected, with Amitābha Buddha’s Pure Land being the most easily accessed, thus central and representative. Any being who has already reached another Pure Land, which would be relatively more difficult, can thus surely reach Amitābha Buddha’s Pure Land too. Having reached his Pure Land also allows access to all other (Defiled and) Pure Lands.

Note [3]: Amitābha Buddha’s name in its most fundamental form is ‘Amitā Buddha’ (无量佛), which means ‘Immeasurable Buddha(s)’ or the ‘Buddha Of Immeasurability’. In this sense, he represents all Buddhas collectively as the Dharma Realm’s Treasury Body (法界藏身), or the Dharmakāya Buddha.    

Note [4]: These verses are considered to be with the hidden meaning (if missed, yet open secret) of the sūtras taught for spiritual completion and perfection as Buddhas, because within their teachings, the Buddha repeatedly taught, sometimes with more emphasis and sometimes with less, on how seeking birth in Amitābha Buddha’s Pure Land is of universal importance, thus highly encouraged by all Buddhas of the ten directions. Since this is so, all might as well practise to reach it directly, by the end of this life, to most swiftly expedite progress of oneself and all others towards Buddhahood.

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