A Great Master’s Final Focused Mindfulness 大师最终的专念



Not practising Chán meditation, not learning scriptures’ theoretical teachings, one line of Āmítuófó【阿弥陀佛】is truly their essence. Not discussing the profound, not speaking of the wonderful, one string of chanting beads is truly with character. Leaving others to mock, letting others laugh, with mindfulness not sinking, also not dropping. In day and night reciting his name, vowing to never forget it, focusing on awaiting the Honoured One with loving-kindness, from within his light, to call us to assemble. In advance knowing our lotus calyxes are already marked with our names, inviting you and I together, to board them with loving-kindness and compassion, to arrive at his Pure Land.

(Praise Of Mindfulness Of Buddha’s Image)
Pure Land Tradition’s 9th Patriarch Great Master Ǒuyì

[Despite his earlier great meditation practice and complete scriptural study, this was his final focus.]

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