From Half-hearted Multi-tasking To Wholehearted Single-tasking

Question: Is mindfulness of Buddha with a scattered mind (散心念佛) by ‘multi-tasking’ encouraged for one who has a busy work schedule?

Answer: Of course. If not, this person might never practise mindfulness of Buddha at all. That said, for the practice to deepen, there should be some time forked out to practise mindfulness of Buddha with a focused mind (专心念佛) too, with wholehearted ‘single-tasking’. If not, the practice might remain superficial and shallow.

As most have to work, it makes sense to try to practise in a scattered way (mentally) when working, whenever possible, when there are routine tasks, and to also reserve some pre or post work time for focused practice. Even when walking, waiting, eating.., there can be scattered practice.

Although death can occur at any time, generally, the older one is, the more should one spend time on focused practice with wholeheartedness, to ensure there is ability to have firm connection to Buddha in time.  

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  • Re: I truly believe the willingness to seek rebirth in Amitabha’s Pure Land is the key and that’s is how I practice my nianfo accordingly. The compassionate Amitabha will rescue all (with scattered or focused mindfulness) who wish to be reborn in his Pure Land.

    Reply: All of the Three Provisions are what needed to reach his Pure Land: https://purelanders.com/2018/02/08/the-three-provisions/

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