[30] The Thirty-Seven Path Grades’ Variations In Pure Land 净土之种种三十七道品


[The] Tripiṭaka [Teaching’s] path’s grades [are] named ‘Half Character Dharma Doors’. [With] Pure Land’s defilements light, [they are] as if not needed [for] use, [only] for those [of the] Small [Vehicle’s] seed first maturing perhaps temporarily of use.

[Note 1: The Great Vehicle’s path grades are in contrast named ‘Full Character Dharma Doors’ (满字法门).]


[The] Common Teaching’s path grades [are] named [the] ‘Great Vehicle’s First Door’, [that the] Three Vehicles [are] together endowed, [for those in the] Together Dwelling Pure Land of much said.


[The] Separate Teaching’s path grades [are] named ‘Solely Bodhisattvas’ Dharma’, [for those in the] Together Dwelling [and] Expedience Pure Lands of much said.


[The] Complete Teaching’s path grades [are] named [the] ‘Unsurpassable Buddha’s Teachings’, with those [of] sharp roots in [the] four pure lands all attain hearing [of it].


Those ‘other such Dharma’, [are the] other previous [teachings, of] Right Diligence [i.e. Four Right Efforts], As Wished Bases, [and the] others remaining, [of the] Four Gathering [Methods], Six Perfections, Ten Powers, [Four] Fearlessnesses [and] immeasurable Dharma Doors.

[Note 2:

Four Gathering Methods (四摄法):

(1) (With) Generosity gathering (布施摄)
(2) (With) Loving speech gathering (爱语摄)
(3) (With) Beneficial practices gathering (利行摄)
(4) (With doing of) Same matters gathering (同事摄)

Six Perfections (六度):

(1) Generosity (布施)
(2) Upholding Precepts (持戒)
(3) Patience (忍辱)
(4) Diligence (精进)
(5) Concentration (禅定)
(6) Wisdom (智慧)

See two ‘Related Articles’ below, on how wholehearted mindfulness of the Buddha’s name (一心念佛) practises all the Six Perfections at the same time.

Ten Powers (十力):

(1) Knowledge (of) right aspects’ (and) wrong aspects’ wisdom’s power (知是处非处智力); Right aspects’ (and) wrong aspects’ power (是处非处力)
(2) Knowledge (of) past, present (and) future karmic recompenses’ wisdom’s power (知过现未来业报智力); Karmas’ different ripenings’ wisdom’s power (业异熟智力); Karma power (业力)
(3) Knowledge (of) all meditations’, liberations’ (and) samādhis’ wisdom’s power (知诸禅解脱三昧智力); Concentrations’ wisdom’s power (定智力); Concentration power (定力)
(4) Knowledge (of) all roots’ superiorities’ (and) inferiorities’ wisdom’s power (知诸根胜劣智力); Root power (根力)
(5) Knowledge (of) all kinds (of) liberations’ wisdom’s power (知种种解智力); All kinds (of) desires’ wisdom’s power (种种欲智力); Desire power (欲力)
(6) Knowledge (of) all kinds (of) realms’ wisdom power (知种种界智力); (Habitual) nature’s wisdom’s power (性智力); Nature’s power (性力)
(7) Knowledge (of) all reached places’ (and) paths’ wisdom’s power (知一切至处道智力); Reached places’ (and) paths’ power (至处道力)
(8) Knowledge (of) past lives without outflows’ wisdom’s power (知宿命无漏智力); Past lives’ wisdom’s power (宿命智力)
(9) Knowledge (from) heavenly eye without obstructions’ wisdom’s power (知天眼无碍智力); Births’ (and) deaths’ wisdom’s power (生死智力); Heavenly eye power (天眼力)
(10) Knowledge (from) forever severing habits’ wisdom’s power (知永断习气智力); Outflows exhausted’s wisdom’s power (漏尽智力); Outflows exhausted’s power (漏尽力)

Four Fearlessnesses (四无所畏):

(1) (With) all-(knowing) wisdom, without that (to) fear (一切智无所畏) (i.e. fearlessness in declaration of having attained omniscience); (Unsurpassable) Right (And) Equal (Right) Awakening’s fearlessness (正等觉无畏)
(With) outflows exhausted, without that (to) fear (漏尽无所畏) (i.e. having perfect virtues)
(With) speaking (of) obstacles (of the) path [to Buddhahood for overcoming them], without that (to) fear (说障道无所畏) (i.e. ‘maxipotence’: maximum potency)
(With) speaking (of the) end (of) suffering’s path [to attain complete liberation], without that (to) fear (说尽苦道无所畏) (i.e. omnibenevolence)]


[The] thirty-seven grades’ gathered Dharma [teachings], although [are] complete, yet [with] situations [and] conditions not [being] equal, [are] delivered [with] all kinds, opening [and] closing, [with] names not [the] same.

– 净土宗九祖澫益大师

– Pure Land Tradition’s 9th Patriarch Great Master Ǒuyì
(Essential Explanation [Of The] Sūtra [In Which The] Buddha Speaks [Of] Amitā[bha] Buddha)

Namo Amituofo : Translation and notes by Shen Shi’an

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