Why Focus Upon Mindfulness Of One Buddha? 为何专念 一佛?


Further, do not say that the conditions of thinking about one Buddha, are not equal to the greatness of meritorious virtues from the conditions of thinking about many Buddhas.


It must be known that Amitā[bha] Buddha is the Dharma realm’s [i.e. universe’s] treasury body [i.e. ‘storehouse’ of the immeasurable compassion, wisdom and meritorious virtues of all Buddhas]. Of the Dharma realm’s meritorious virtues of all Buddhas in all the ten directions [i.e. everywhere], Amitā[bha] Buddha as one Buddha, has them all completely, [as all Buddhas are interconnected as one].


This is like King [Śakra’s] net of gems, with thousands of gems absorbed within [each] one gem, with [each] one gem[‘s reflection] everywhere within thousands of gems. Choosing one, all are gathered, without any lacking and without any remaining [ungathered].


If as great ones who have cultivated for a long time, for their conditions [of practice], there is no harm in them being broad. When the scope is even more broad, their minds become even more single-minded [accordingly].


If with beginners’ minds yet to learn [and practise well], their conditions [of practice], if broad, thus will their minds be scattered, and with obstacles deep and wisdom shallow, this will perhaps cause the arising of many demonic matters.


This is why [Śākyamuni] Buddha, the World-Honoured One, and all [Pure Land] Patriarchs of successive generations, all ordered wholehearted and focused mindfulness of this [one] Āmítuófó [Amitā(bha) Buddha]. Awaiting [when] that [practice of] mindfulness of Buddha attains realisation of samādhi, thus will hundreds of thousands of Dharma doors’ immeasurable wonderful meanings, all be complete[ly understood].


As ancient ones say, those already bathing in the great ocean, must be using the hundred rivers’ waters. When oneself has reached Hányuán Hall, there is no need to ask where Cháng’ān is, [as the hall is there]. This can be said to be the best description [of the above].


Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng
(Second Reply Letter To [Layman] Gāo Shàolín)

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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