Why Are Those Who Teach Mindfulness Of Buddha With Immeasurable Meritorious Virtues? 为何教人念佛者功德无量?Why Are Those Who Know Mindfulness Of Buddha With Many Good Roots? 为何知念佛者有多善根?


[An] ancient saying says, ‘[As even the] clever [are] not able [to] resist karma, how [can those with] wealth [and] honour avoid rebirth?’


[When matters of] life [and] death come, without anyone who [can be] depended [on], only Āmítuófó, [is] able [to be] as reliance.


[It is a] pity [that the] world’s people who know [this are] extremely few, [and] those [who] know and [have] true faith mindful [are] even less.


Tōngzhōu’s Wáng Tiěshān, previously [in the] Qīng [Dynasty], once was Guǎngxī’s screen post [official].


[As] that land’s bandits [were] extremely many, those planned [to be] eliminated, [and] who [were] killed [were] uncountable.


[The] year before the last, [he] fell sick. [When] closing [his] eyes, [he] immediately saw in [the] dark house within, their ghosts, [who were] extremely many, all coming [to] compel [him to have] afflictions, following [which he is] immediately startled awake.


Thus [for] three days [and] nights, once closing [the] eyes, [he] immediately saw these images.


[With this] person already extremely tired, [he was] gasping for [his] last breath.


His wife [then] encouraged [and] enabled [him to be] mindful [of] Buddha, following reciting [of his name for a] few tens [of times, he] then fell asleep. Due [to this] one great sleep, [his] mind then gradually [became] healthy, [with] sickness then fully healed, [as he] immediately [became a] lifelong veg[etari]an [and practised] mindfulness [of] Buddha.


If [at] this time, without [any] person with mindfulness [of] Buddha, informing of [this practice, it is] feared [that he] absolutely [will] not able [to be alive] to this day.


Thus, know [that to] teach people [to be] mindful [of] Buddha, [its meritorious virtues [are] immeasurable.


Those [who] know [the] benefits [of] mindfulness [of] Buddha, all [are with] many lives [in] many kalpas’ good roots, that enable [this to be possible].

Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng
Second Reply Letter To Layperson Bāo Yòuwǔ

Namo Amituofo : Translation and notes by Shen Shi’an

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