How To Self-Vow To Receive The Five Precepts? 如何自誓受五戒?

至于身家穷困… 于佛前恳切至诚,忏悔罪业一七日,自誓受戒。

As for [those with] oneself and family poverty stricken, [thus unable to travel to monasteries to receive the Five Precepts]… before [the] Buddha [shrine at home, with] earnestness [and] utmost sincerity, [they should] repent [of] transgressive karma [for] one [to] seven days, self-vowing [to] receive [the] precepts.


[Having] reached [the] seventh day, facing [the] Buddha, chant aloud,

「 我弟子福贤,誓受五戒,为满分优婆夷,

‘I, disciple Fúxián [i.e. name to be substituted with one’s own], vow [to] receive [the] Five Precepts, as [a] Upāsikā [or ‘Upāsakā’] [with] full marks,

(优婆夷,此云近事女,谓既受五戒,堪事佛故。满分者,五戒全持也) ,

(Upāsikā: this [is to] say, [a] female layperson, calling [one who has] already received [the] Five Precepts, worthy [of] serving [the] Buddhas thus. Those [with] full marks, [are with the] Five Precepts all upheld.) [‘Upāsakā’ is the male version.]


[To the] end [of my] life, [I will] not kill [sentient] beings,


[To the] end [of my] life, [I will] not steal,


[To the] end [of my] life, [I will] not [have] sexual desire,

(若有夫女,则曰不邪淫) ,

(If [as a] woman with husband [or man with wife], thus say ‘not [have] sexual misconduct’),


[To the] end [of my] life, [I will] not [have] false speech,

尽形寿不饮酒。 」

[To the] end [of my] life, [I will] not drink alcohol.’


Thus thrice said, immediately [is] as [having] attained [the] precepts.


Only [with] one’s sincere mind receiving [for] upholding [them, the] meritorious virtues [are] equal, without [being] better [or] worse [than those who receive them at monasteries].


[You] must not say [those who] self-vow [to] receive precepts, as [those] not according [with the] Dharma.


These all [are from the] Brahmā Net Sūtra within, [of the] Thus Come [One’s] sagely instructions.

Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng
Reply Letter For Madam Xú Fúxián

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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