How To Have Great Filial Piety? 如何尽大孝?


[The] sūtras state, [that] making offerings [to] Fathers [and] Mothers, with making offerings [to] Bodhisattvas [at the] Stage [Of] One Life [To] Replacement [Of Buddhas’] meritorious virtues [are] equal.


[If your] parents [are] alive, thus skilfully encouraging [and] convincing, enable them [to] uphold veg[etari]anism, [and be] mindful [of Amitā(bha)] Buddha[‘s name: ‘Āmítuófó’, to] seek birth [in his] Western [Pure Land].


[If your] parents [are] deceased, thus with personal reciting [of sūtras and Buddha’s name, with these] cultivated [and] upheld [practices’] meritorious virtues, frequently, [and with] utmost sincerity, for [your] parents dedicate [them].


Enable them [to] forever exit [from the] Five Defilements [of kalpa (劫浊), views (见浊), afflictions (烦恼浊), sentient beings (众生浊) and lifespans (命浊), to] take eternal leave [from the] six realms, [by] realising [the] Patience [Of] Non-Birth, [with] ascent [of the] ground [of] non-retrogression [in Pure Land].


[To the] utmost [of] future’s time, with deliverance [of] sentient beings [to] liberation, enabling self [and] others to be able to together accomplish [the] path [to] awakening.


Such then, [is] not [the] same as [what the] world commonly [has], of great filial piety.

Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng
(Treatise [On The] Buddha’s Teachings With Filial Piety As [Its] Root)

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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