[2] Can All Those Dying Practise Mindfulness Of Buddha? 一切亡者都能念佛吗?

Views With Reviews #2 (p.60)

View: Is it so that mindfulness of Buddha (念佛) can only help those who follow their last thoughts (最后一念) when dying, while others will follow their heavy karma (重业) or strong habits (习气)?

Review: All will definitely have a last thought just before taking actual rebirth. This thought can be willed with practice accordingly, to be in terms of sincere mindfulness of Buddha, thus overriding karmically or habitually spurred thoughts that arise.

This is how even the otherwise hellbound overrun at first by great pain, fear and guilt can escape from the most negative rebirth, as stated in the Contemplation Sūtra《观经》, to attain rebirth in Amitābha Buddha’s (阿弥陀佛) Pure Land (净土).

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