How The Mind Ground Can Only Have Good Without Evil? 如何心地唯善无恶?


In the past, Bái Jūyì asked Chán Master Niǎokē, ‘What is [the] Buddha’s teachings’ main idea [or essence]?’

窠曰:「诸恶莫作,众善奉行」,[自净其意,是诸佛教] 。[注:此是佛陀所说的《法句经》偈。]

Niǎokē said, ‘[Of] all evils not do [them, of] all good accordingly practise [them’, (to) self-purify your mind, these are all Buddhas’ teachings]. [Note: This is a verse from the Dharmapada spoken by the Buddha.]


Bái said, ‘[Of] these two lines’ words, [a] three year-old child also knows such, [as] said.’


Kē said, ‘[A] three year-old child, although [is] able [to] say [this, even an] eighty [year-old] grandfather [might] not [be] able [to] practise [this].’


[It] must [be] known [that] these words, [are] indeed, [of] all people [who] learn [the] Buddha’s teachings, [their] chief concerns’ essential words.

诸恶众善,皆须在心地上论 ,不专指行之于事而已。

[Of not doing of] all evils [and of doing of] all good, all must [be] at [the] mind ground above [be] regarded, not focusing [on] referring to matters of practice [in word and deed] only.


[With the] mind ground above not giving rise [to] evil, [and with its] entire essence being good.


[Of] those mindful [of] Buddha, [the] meritorious virtues surpass [that] of ordinary persons [by] hundreds [of] thousands [of] ten thousand times.


Desiring [to] attain [the] mind ground [to] only [have] good without evil, [there] should [be], at all times [and] places, managing [with] reverence [and] maintaining sincerity. Like facing [the] Buddhas [and] heavenly [beings], then can [there be] hope to reach [this purification of the mind].


[With the] mind once unrestrained, all thoughts not according [to the] Dharma, accordingly then [will habitually] arise.

Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng
(First Reply Letter To Layperson Mǎ Qìxī)

Namo Amituofo : Translation and note by Shen Shi’an

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