Why Let Go Despite Having Much? 为何有多也要放下?


[Note: These are teachings for someone very old, who should only be focusing on reaching birth in Pure Land then.] [Of] your mind within, other [than] mindfulness [of] Buddha, [do] not enable [it to] have one bit of other [kinds of] thoughts.


Even [of] this body [of] yours, also not [needing to] plan [about] after death, [on] what [to] do [to] settle [it].


Even [of your] grandchildren, great-grandchildren [and] others, all must [be] regarded as people formerly not acquainted with, not bothering [about] them [at] length [or in] brief.


Only take care [of] my mindfulness [of] Buddha, wholeheartedly longing for [the] Buddha [to] come, [to] receive [and] guide] me, [to be] reborn [in his] West[ern Pure Land Of Ultimate Bliss].


You, [if] able [to] follow that I [have] said to do, [of] all [worldly] matters entirely letting [them] go, [while sincerely mindful of Buddha], when reaching approach [of] life’s end, [you will] naturally connect [to the] Buddha, [who will] personally approach, [to] receive [and] guide [you, to be] reborn [in his] Western [Pure Land].


If [you] still remain greedily attached [to] all ‘good’ things, [such as] silver money, farmland, house, jewellery, clothes, and daughters, sons, grandchildren, great-grandchildren [and] others, [you] thus [will] absolutely also not [be able to be] born [in the] Western [Pure Land]. [Note: No matter where reborn in, none of the above worldly things can be brought along.]

Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng
Dharma Words [Of] Instructions [For] Female Layperson Yú Zhìlián

Namo Amituofo : Translation and notes by Shen Shi’an

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