Poem On Mindfulness Of Buddha When Walking 行时念佛诗


When walking,
[this is] just right [for] mindfulness [of] Āmítuófó,
[even with just] one step,
also with one Buddha [name] passing.

Note: We might as well see walking to be a reminder to be mindful of Buddha to create pure karma, instead of creating many habitual stray thoughts with greed, hatred and delusion that create negative karma. Not doing so is to miss an opportunity to practise.


[With the] feet below,
[from] moment to moment,
touring Pure Land,
[the] mind [from] thought to thought,
surpassing [this] Sahā [World].

Note: We might as well see walking with mindfulness of Buddha now to be part of the joyful journey to depart from this world, to go towards Pure Land.


[When] approaching flowers [and] following willows,
[there is] need [to] look back [to remember this],
[when] facing waters [and] climbing mountains,
[do] not let it go.

Note: Be it with encounters of the pleasant that might be distracting, or obstacles that might be challenging, we must always remember our original motivation to be sincerely mindful of Buddha, as this is the very way to overcome such distractions and obstacles. What more, as practising this reaches Pure Land, which has unsurpassable wonders and no more suffering, there is no need to caught up in these distractions and obstacles.


[We] await [for] our attainment [of] birth
[in the Pure Land Of] Ultimate Bliss,
[when of the] ten directions,
[we can] come [and] go freely [in] whatever [way].

Note: When we reach Pure Land, we will be able to travel far and wide immeasurably, to both pure and defiled lands, to learn the Dharma and deliver sentient beings. Since there is such liberated ease there, how can we miss the opportunity to practise now, to ensure that we reach it?

Beyond walking, the above principles also apply to commuting, circumambulating, prostrating, cycling, jogging or any other kind of moving. Of course, there should also be time taken aside regularly, to focus only on wholehearted mindfulness of Buddha, not while doing anything else.

Pure Land Tradition’s 11th Patriarch Great Master Xǐng’ān
(Pure Land Poems)

Namo Amituofo: Translation & notes by Shen Shi’an

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