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What Are Benefits Of Being Mindful Of Buddha? 念佛有什么利益?


Question: What are the benefits of being mindful of Buddha?


Answer: Among its truly immeasurable benefits, here are ten great benefits, as listed by Chán Master Tiānrú in ‘Doubts And Questions On Pure Land’:

Ten Kinds Of Supreme Benefits That Will Be Obtained In This Present Life [With Mindfulness Of Buddha]


[1] First, in day and night constantly attaining invisible protection of all heavenly beings, godly generals with great strength, and their Ganges’ sands’ [number of] family members.


[2] Second, constantly attain 25 great Bodhisattvas, such as Guānshìyīn [i.e. Avalokiteśvara] and all [other] Bodhisattvas’ constantly accompanying protection.


[3] Third, constantly attain all Buddhas’ mindful protection in day and night, with Āmítuófó [i.e. Amitābha Buddha] constantly emitting bright light, to gather and receive [i.e. protect] these persons.


[4] Fourth, all evil ghosts, be they yakṣas, or rākṣasas, are all not able to harm. All poisonous snakes, dragons and poisons, are all not able to affect.


[5] Fifth, disasters from fires and floods, hateful robbers’ knives and arrows, imprisonment in stocks and chains, untimely and unjust death, will all not be received.


[6] Sixth, of earlier created [negative] karma, all will be eradicated. Of those [karmic creditors] killed who bemoan their ‘fate’, they will receive liberation, to not again be attached to opposition.


[7] Seventh, with night dreams upright, perhaps repeatedly seeing Āmítuófó’s supremely wonderful [and gold-]coloured image.


[8] Eighth, the mind will be constantly joyous, countenance radiant, energy abundant, and undertakings auspicious.


[9] Ninth, constantly by all of the world’s people reverently given offerings, with joy revered, similar to reverencing of the Buddha.


[10] Tenth, when approaching the end of life, the mind will be without fear, with right mindfulness manifesting in the present, to attain sight of Āmítuófó, and all of the noble assembly, holding a golden lotus flower, for receiving and guiding for rebirth in his Western Pure Land. Exhausting the limit of the future, there will be receiving of supremely wonderful bliss.

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an
(as featured reformatted for magazine above)

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