Hearing Amituofo’s Name Plants A Vajra Seed For Eventual Buddhahood

… 毕竟不退。不论至心散心,有心无心,或解不解,但弥陀名号,或六方佛名,此经名字,一经于耳,假使千万劫后,毕竟因斯度脱。

… [On] After All [or All In All] Non-Retrogression, no matter if with the utmost sincere mind or scattered mind, intentionally or unintentionally, with understanding or without understanding, only with Amituofo’s name, the six directions’ Buddhas’ names, or this [Amitabha] Sutra’s name, this one sutra passing by the ears [by being heard], if ten million kalpas [i.e. world cycles of about 1.3 trillion years each] later, it will after all, due to this, be deliverance to liberation.


Like hearing a poison-smeared drum, such that those far and near all lose their lives, [even if] swallowing a little vajra [seed, it] definitely will not be digested [or eliminated].

Essential Explanation On The Amitabha Sutra As Spoken By The Buddha
The Pure Land Tradition’s 9th Patriarch Great Master Ǒuyì

Namo Amituofo: Translation by Shen Shi’an

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