Is It Alright To Pine For Special Signs During Nianfo?

Question: Is it alright to pine for auspicious signs during Nianfo (practice of mindfulness of Amituofo’s name)?

Answer: Although it is understandable to wish to have special experiences, it is not advisable to yearn for them. This is so as even if the wish is sincere, there might be some spiritually unhealthy latent greed to feel special.

It is only with sincere Nianfo, without greed, that there will be deepened connection with Amituofo, that gives rise to genuine auspicious signs naturally. If there is greed instead, it defiles the Nianfo, such that anything ‘special’ experienced might be delusional instead.

Amituofo will not enable auspicious signs to arise when there is greed too, as such greed fed can lead to increase in arrogance. True connection to Amituofo will only help to reduce the Five Poisons of greed, hatred, delusion, arrogance and doubt.



Verse On Transformation Of Five Poisons To Cures

Transform greedy attachment to joyful seeking
(of the Land Of Ultimate Bliss)
Transform hateful aversion to revulsed renunciation
(of the Saha World)
Transform ignorant delusion to wisdom
(of aspiring for birth in Pure Land)
Transform arrogance to utmost sincerity
(of mindfulness of Amituofo)
Transform uncertain doubt to deep faith (in Amituofo)

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