Can The Deceased Be Burnt ‘Alive’?

Question: What happens if the deceased is going through cremation, but the consciousness is still in the body? Will the deceased feel magnified pain, like that of, when touched upon death, before the consciousness departs?

Answer: Even at such a moment, it is possible that the consciousness still clings to the body due to strong attachment, thus continuing to feel sensations through it. However, for the average person then, this is unlikely as the consciousness should be aware that cremation is about to happen – due to what is happening around, thus departing. However, this departure can just be leaving the body aside, not yet for rebirth – unless karma compels, or if there is adequate guidance and practice to reach Pure Land.

Even if clinging to the body, instinctively for ‘survival’, though the consciousness being mental cannot really be harmed physically, it will leave the body when strong heat is near. This is just as when alive. For example, when we accidentally touch a hot stove with a hand, we will withdraw the hand immediately. Note that though the consciousness cannot be harmed physically, it can suffer psychologically through physical experiences clung to, as felt through the body.

That said, in the words of guidance offered after death, as can be seen at https://purelanders.com/2016/07/19/what-should-be-chanted-during-after-a-funeral , we should say them near the body of the deceased regularly, as he or she might be nearby or within, to remind of the countdown to cremation day, to inculcate a sense of urgency to practise Niànfó sincerely –

‘… _____ [number of] days later, your body will be cremated/buried. Please do not be attached to your body. Please continue to Niànfó sincerely all the way, until you see Āmítuófó come to guide you to his Pure Land. Please follow only Āmítuófó and no one else. Let us Niànfó sincerely now. Āmítuófó, Āmítuófó, Āmítuófó…’

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