Sincere Mindfulness Of Buddha Relies On His Other-Power 志心念佛,仗佛他力


The Dharma [door] of mindfulness of Buddha emphasises on Faith and Aspiration. With Faith and Aspiration truly sincere, although yet able to have the mind within purified, [one is] also able to attain rebirth [in Amituofo’s Pure Land].


How is this so? With the sincere [i.e. wholehearted] heart [i.e. mind] mindful of Buddha as that able to move [which is Practice of Nianfo powered by Faith and Aspiration], this thus causes Amituofo to be able to respond.


Like the rivers’ and seas’ water within, [although] yet able to be without all signs of [ripples’ and waves’] motion, however, [if] without wild winds and huge waves, thus will the bright moon within the sky, [be able to] immediately have its refections appear very clearly [on their surfaces].


The mutual interaction [between the one who] moves [by being sincerely mindful, and the one who] responds [who is the Buddha], is like [that of a] mother and child recollecting each other.


Those who focus heavily on Self-Power, who do not rely [enough or at all] on Buddha’s [Other-]Power [do so] due to not knowing the meaning of this [teaching].


Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yinguang
(Third reply letter to Layperson Huang Hanzi)

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