Review Of One-Day Nianfo Retreat (2)

Review of Pureland Practice Fellowship’s (PPF)
2017 X’mas Retreat
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‘Thank you, Laoshi, for organising such a well-run retreat. First time for me, yet so spiritually uplifting.’ – Joan

‘Hi Bro. Shi’an, thank you and those that helped to organise the retreat. This is the first time I attended a Dharma retreat. The chanting of two hours per session was quite a challenge to a beginner like me. Fortunately, with group practice [as motivation], I managed to “survive” the day. I felt good and the X’mas day was well “celebrated”. Another step towards closer affinity with Amituofo. The food portion is just nice for me and tasted good too. In fact, it was the booster to continue the second half of the retreat. Appreciation to other sisters and brothers for taking the trouble to distribute the juicy grapes to each of us. My sincere thanks to you and the helpers once again.’ Namo Amituofo, Sally

‘Many thanks to you, Laoshi, for such a well-planned and wonderful retreat. My wife and I really gained a lot from this retreat.’ – Amituofo, Yeong Kiang & Irene

‘Laoshi, Amituofo. Grateful for the experience today. Thank you to all who made it possible… The retreat schedule was good. The reciting of the motivational reminders helped to create the “mood”… The ending with 西方发愿文 was nice. Lunch was good, with the amount was just nice for me – 75% full. Tasted good – not too salty and not too bland/ Also not oily, and did not leave me feeling thirsty… Overall, it was a very positive experience. I managed to sit throughout except for a quick toilet break during lunch!’ Thank you very much, Melinda

‘Thank you Teacher Shi’an and all the helpers for organising the Nianfo Retreat.’ Amituofo, Serene & Janice

‘Thank you for a retreat well organised. Food, venue and atmosphere were appropriate and conducive. Instructions on finer details like how to sit, prostrate, bow, etc. was important to me as this is the first time I am attending a retreat. I am very thankful that I made it, to complete the chanting. Though far from perfect. I feel a great sense of achievement.’ Amituofo, Doris

‘The bento set was nice. Not salty or oily, with enough greens, and the best thing is, without mock meats. Thumbs up.’ – Ivy

‘Good Evening, Teacher Shi’an, my account of the recent Nianfo retreat as compared to the first retreat in June is completely different! In this second retreat, I progressed with the extended practice durations. Sitting on the chair was comfortable for me, with the ability to focus effectively… My Nianfo was blissful throughout the morning session… I noticed that time passed so quickly. During the first retreat, I used to check the time, especially in the afternoon, but not in this recent retreat! … I am glad there is positive progress… I shall continue to participate in such retreats… Thank you for your continual guidance.’ Amituofo, Veronica

‘Hi Bro. Shi’an, thanks for organising the retreat. Appreciate the effort. It was meaningful to practise Nianfo…’ Regards, Violet

‘Hi Teacher Shi’an, thank you very much for all the effort and resources by all those involved in organising this successful and precious retreat. Due to the kindness of Teachers, Triple Gem and Sentient Beings, I was able to attend this retreat. I have enjoyed it very much. The earlier sharing of invaluable experiences during Pureland Practice Fellowship by participants of the Donglinsi retreat and the ‘Seven Superior Meritorious Virtues From Nianfo’ were very useful. I have experienced much improvement in my concentration during the retreat. Looking forward for the next retreat. Thanks again.’ Amituofo, Bro. Wong

‘Hi Teacher Shi’an, it was a pleasure for me to be in this retreat. Really appreciate the precious time and effort by you and all the helpers in organising this event. Thank you for everything.’ Amituofo, Sheila

‘Laoshi, the retreat duration is just nice and the food was very good. Thank you for organising.’ – Pauline Teoh

‘Shi’an 老师 I had a very good and positive experience during the recent Nianfo retreat. Compared to last year, this year, I was able to focus better… The objectives and efforts provided encouraged me to be grateful and not to waste my time.’ Thank you, 老师. Pauline Teo

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