[35] Why Is Āmítuófó’s Name Thus? 何故号阿弥陀佛?


C2: Direct Rewards’ Wonders


Divided [In] Two [Parts]: First, Proof [And] Explanation [Of] Name, Second, Separate Explanation [Of] Master [And] Companions.


D1: Proof [And] Explanation [Of] Name


Within [In] Two [Parts]: First, Proof, Second, Explanation.


E1: Proof

【经】: 舍利弗,于汝意云何?彼佛何故号阿弥陀?

[Sūtra]: Śāriputra, what [do] you think of [this]? That Buddha, [for] what reason, [is] named “Amitā”?


[Explanation]: This sūtra reveals [the] wonderful practice [of] upholding [the] name [of ‘Āmítuófó’], thus specially proving [and] explaining [the] name, desiring people [to have] profound Faith [in the] inconceivability [of the] great name [of] ten thousand virtues, [so as to] wholeheartedly [and] firmly uphold [it], without again [having] doubts [and] second [thoughts].


‘Amitā’ [or ‘Āmítuó’], [is] correctly translated [as] ‘Immeasurable’, [which] originally cannot [be] spoken [of. Our] fundamental teacher [i.e. Śākyamuni Buddha], with ‘light’ [and] ‘life’ [as] two [of its] meanings, exhaustibly gathered all [that is] immeasurable.


[The] light [of Āmítuófó] thus horizontally pervades [the] ten directions [i.e. East, West, South, North, Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, Southwest, above, and below], [and the] life [of Āmítuófó] thus vertically exhausts [the] three times [i.e. past, present and future]. Horizontally [and] vertically interpenetrating [all space and time, this] is the same as [the] Dharma realm’s [essential] body.


[The] whole [of] this [Dharma realm’s] body is Āmítuófó’s body [and] land. Likewise is [the] whole [of] this [Dharma realm’s] body Āmítuófó’s name.


Thus, Āmítuó[fó]’s name, is the same as sentient beings’ original awakening’s principle nature.


Upholding [the] name, is the same as actualised awakening joining original [awakening].


[The] actualised [and] original [are] not two, [just as] sentient beings and Buddha[s] are not two [in essence, as both have the same Buddha-nature (i.e. potential to be Buddhas), with the first yet to fully realise it, and the latter having fully realised it].


Thus, [with] one thought corresponding [by sincere mindfulness of Āmítuófó’s name, is with] one thought [aligned to the] Buddha. [With] thought to thought corresponding, [is with] thought to thought [aligned to the] Buddha.


[Sūtra]: Śāriputra, [as] that Buddha’s bright light [is] immeasurable, [and] illuminates [the] ten directions’ lands without any obstruction, therefore [is he] named as “Amitā”[bha: Immeasurable Light].


[Explanation]: This mind-nature is still yet constantly illuminating [with awareness], thus [is it] as bright light.


Now [having] penetrated [to] realise [his] mind-nature’s [essential] body’s immeasurability, thus [is his] bright light immeasurable.


[As] all Buddhas [have] penetrated [their mind-]nature’s bodies, [they] all illuminate [the] ten directions, [and can] all [be] named [as] ‘Immeasurable Light’.


Yet, [as] within [their] causal [grounds, their] power [of] vows [is] not [the] same, according [to their] causes [and] conditions, [they] establish other names.


Āmítuófó as Dharma Treasury [i.e. Dharmākara] Bhikṣu, [who] gave rose [to] forty-eight vows, [with the] vow [to] have [his] bright light constantly illuminating [the] ten directions, now [has this] fruit accomplished as vowed. 


[The] Dharma Body’s [i.e. all Buddhas’ one collective Dharmakāya] bright light [is] without boundary, [and their] Reward Bodies’ [i.e. Saṃbhogakāyas] bright lights match [their] true nature [i.e. Buddha-nature]. This thus [is due to] every Buddha’s path [being the] same.


[They might have] Manifestation Bodies’ [i.e. Nirmāṇakāyas] bright lights [that] have illumination [of] one yojana [i.e. about 12 kilometres], ten, hundred, thousand yojanas, one world-system, ten, hundred, thousand world-systems.


[As] only Āmítuó[fó] universally illuminates [everywhere all the time], thus [is his] other name ‘Immeasurable Light’.


However, [the] Three Bodies [i.e. Trikāya] [are] neither one nor different, for enabling sentient beings [to] attain [the] four benefits [of the Four Siddhāntas (四悉檀), which accord to the listener’s capacity: [1] worldly method (世界悉檀), [2] individual method (各各为人悉檀), [3] curative method (对治悉檀) and [4] method of the first principle (第一义悉檀)] thus, having these differences.


[It] should [be] known [that the Three Bodies are] without obstructions, [only as] restricted [by] people[‘s conditions], speaking.


Due to sentient beings [and the] Buddha [having] deep conditions [of karmic affinities] thus, where [the] Buddha[s’] light reaches, all in [the] world [are] without [those who do] not completely see it.


[Sūtra]: Moreover, Śāriputra, [as] that Buddha’s lifespan, and that [of his] people, [are of] immeasurable [and] boundless asaṃkhyeya kalpas, thus [is he] named “Amitā”[yus: Immeasurable Life].


[Explanation]: [As his] Mind-Nature illuminates, yet [is] constantly still, thus [is it named] as ‘lifespan’.


Now [having] penetrated [to] realise [his] Mind-Nature’s [essential] body’s immeasurability, thus [is his] lifespan immeasurable.


The Dharma Body’s lifespan [is] without beginning [and] without end, [while] Reward Body’s lifespan [is] with beginning and without end.


This [is] likewise [due to] every Buddha’s path [being the] same, [and] all [Buddhas] can [be] named [as] ‘Immeasurable Life’.


Manifestation Bodies accord [with] vows [and] accord [with] situations, [thus] with extending [and] hastening not [being] equal.


[As the] King [Of] Vows Dharma Treasury [Bodhisattva], has [the] vow [that himself as a] Buddha and [his] people’s lifespans [are] all [to be] immeasurable, now [that this] fruit [has been] accomplished [as] vowed, [his] other name [is] ‘Immeasurable Life’.


‘Asaṃkhyeya’, ‘boundless’, [and] ‘immeasurable’ – all [these are] counting terms, really having measurable [kinds] of [the] immeasurable.


However, [the] Three Bodies [are] not one [and] not different, [as] Manifestation Bodies can also [be of] immeasurable [kinds] of [the] immeasurable.


‘And’ means ‘furthermore’.


[The] ‘people’ [in Pure Land], refer [to the greatest Bodhisattvas with] Equal Enlightenment [and those] below.


Speaking [of the] Buddha’s lifespan, and his people’s lifespans, all [are] equally immeasurable.


[It] should [be] known [that the] name [of Immeasurable] Light [and] Life, [are] all originally [based upon] sentient beings’ [Buddha-nature] established.


With sentient beings [and] Buddhas equal [in essence, thus is this] able [to] enable those [who] uphold [the] name, [to attain] bright light [and long] lifespan [that is the] same [as the] Buddha, without differences.


Once again, due to Immeasurable Light’s meaning, thus [are] sentient beings born [in the Land Of] Ultimate Bliss the same as [those] born [in the] ten directions’ [other Pure Lands too, with] seeing [of] Āmítuófó the same as seeing the ten directions’ all Buddhas, able [to] self-deliver, then universally benefit all [sentient beings].


Due to Immeasurable Life’s meaning, thus are [the Land Of] Ultimate Bliss’ people the same as [those who are in the Position Of] One Life [To] Replace [Buddhas], all definitely [in] this life [to] accomplish Buddhahood, not reaching [it in a] different life.


[It] should [be] known [that] apart [from this] presently manifested one thought’s Mind[-Nature] of Immeasurable Life, [there is no]where [else] with Āmítuófó’s name.


Yet, apart from Āmítuófó’s name, what cause [is there for us to penetrate [and] realise [this] presently manifested one thought’s Mind[-Nature of] Immeasurable Light and Life?


May [all] deeply ponder [on] this, may [all] deeply ponder [on] this.

– 净土宗九祖澫益大师

– Pure Land Tradition’s 9th Patriarch Great Master Ǒuyì
(Essential Explanation [Of The] Sūtra [In Which The] Buddha Speaks [Of] Amitā[bha] Buddha)

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