Can ‘Buddhist’ Cults Lead To Pure Land?

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Question: If one, unfortunately, follows those who misrepresent Buddhism (e.g. Tiandao or Yiguandao devotees), who nevertheless prays to Guanyin Bodhisattva, Maitreya Buddha and Jigong, will their faith lead them to Amituofo’s (Amitabha Buddha) Pure Land?

Answer: As such devotees do not learn or practise to nurture the Three Provisions as listed at https://purelanders.com/2015/12/30/%e5%be%80%e7%94%9f%e5%87%80%e5%9c%9f%e4%b8%89%e8%b5%84%e7%b2%ae-the-three-provisions-for-rebirth-in-pure-land, they will not meet the criteria to reach Pure Land – unless they are urged to change their minds in time.

As can be seen in the link, it is not a general, vague or wrong sense of faith that is adequate for reaching Pure Land, but the right kind of Faith, that is linked to the corresponding Aspiration and Practice. All Three Provisions are needed. In fact, Tiandao does not advocate seeking birth in Amituofo’s Pure Land; they seek birth in a non-existent heaven (according to Buddhist cosmology).

Note too, that Maitreya is usually referred to as a Bodhisattva in Buddhism; as he has yet to manifest Buddhahood in our world. This is an example of misrepresentation by Tiandao. Jigong, who is an Arhat’s re-manifestation, also did not teach most (if not all) of the teachings that Tiandao claim he did. With such instances of deliberate and severe misrepresentation, ‘Buddhist’ cults cannot be trusted for imparting the true Buddhist teachings. This is why they are labelled as cults.

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